Giuliani: "people will revolt"

This is the kind of rhetoric that will ramp up. Hopefully the 2nd amendment people dont go too ■■■■■■■ crazy and start a civil war. The party of “law and order” what a joke Trumpism is

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That’s not going to happen.

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Of course it’s not going to happen.

The problem with true believers is that they often drastically overestimate their numbers.

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I hope they do revolt…and shut entire country down.

So shutdowns are a good thing now?

What the revolt will look like


You hope for strange things.

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Remember when Trumpsters were all salty over poor little Sarah and some protests and divisive rhetoric?

That’s the patriotic spirit!

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The dems could impeach him, fine, but actually removing him from office based on Russian bought dirt used to fool a FISA court, would be a act of Treason. Add that to the IRS being used to give Obama an advantage in the 2012 election with no one prosecuted for it. Yes, the reps should go into open revolt in such a case. The dems would.

There is nothing even remotely close to an impeachable offense. You’re going to impeach a President for financial campaign rule that are normally treated with a fine?
If there do appear serious felonies at some point, then yes…put Pence in there.

There’s no way this democrat would revolt for a childish billionaire pervert. Not even I am that much of a beta male.

“Senators voting for impeachment is a crime.”
“If Congress impeaches, there will be civil war”

Damn, I thought conservatives liked America and its constitution. But now, following constitutional procedures is reason for revolution. I guess the Democrats are where one should look to find patriots.

The Senate convicting him on a House impeachment, regardless of the substance of that impeachment, would in no way be an act of Treason. It would be entirely Constitutional.



I do find it interesting that Donald and his lawyer have arrived at the point where they’re threatening financial collapse and revolution were Donald to be impeached.


These are not normally treated with a fine. Just ask Trump’s best friend Dinesh.

That’s how I know this is about to get really good.


The campaign finance charges against Cohen are not “normally” treated with a fine.

Federal sentencing guidelines suggest that the appropriate punishment for counts 7 and 8 is 6 months to a year in jail.

Cowards tend not to revolt.

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