Giuliani Passionately Talks About His (conspiracy?) Theories

In this video on Fox and Friends, Giuliani goes on and on about Biden and the US embassy in Ukraine. He lays out a very elaborate timeline / theory supposedly showcasing how Biden and Hunter corruptly bribed Ukranian officials.

I’m not sure how anyone can watch this and not think it played a major role in Trump’s sole decision to withhold aid. Rudy talks like he’s been obsessed with this Biden and crowdstrike thing.

Wonder who was feeding him all this information?

The way he teases his super secret information tells me he’s watched way too much Ancient Aliens.

and so have i.

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It’s very important for our country. But you will have to wait until October to find out.

John Solomon.


This is all according to his convicted criminal mobster friends

I can’t watch Giuliani he is so hyper as if he just had four shots of double expresso and snorted a few lines before going on air. To tense, not Alex Jones tense but still eekkk.

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All Rudy sources work for this guy.

Lev Parnas, , Igor Fruman, Dmitry Torner, Viktor Shokin

they all work for and take money from Firtash who is a well connected Russian backed mobster who is worth billions and has been connected with bribery all across Europe, America, India, Africa.

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There is no evidence, there is no “Crimes” this is a big con job.

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Doesn’t our honored host have that guys lawyers on quite often?

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Yes, He is good friends with Rudy.
and this wild story is good ratings.

Rudy is America’s Mayor and a true American hero.

I like him more all the time.


I used to like Rudy, but not really anymore. He is now a crazy conspiracy theorist.

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He was indeed. Then he went all Alex Jones on us.

Dmitri Firtash

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That was then. Now he’s a public drunk and is sad to see.