Giuliani is a sleazeball (more evidence)

The Post exclusively reported, the 74-year-old presidential lawyer cheated on his wife with Ryan, a married, 53-year-old New Hampshire hospital administrator, before Giuliani and his wife split in April.

He’s a class act with women, just like his buddy, the Dotard.

Birds of a feather. Again the GOP is openly abandoning any perceived family values that they may have claimed in the past. It’s now the party of pimps and racists and banging porn stars and married women with big boobs. I suppose the fact that their douchebaggery is now out in the open is a relief to some of them.

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Not bad for Giuliani. Big-boobed and can provide CPR and a variety of other life saving procedures for the elderly man


Rudy will make the perfect wing-man for Donald. Or is it the other way around?

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Pimps you say? No w…

Holy ■■■■. What is happening? I wonder if Pence will campaign for him?

OTOH, Judith should have seen this one coming- she was the ‘other woman’ when Rudy’s second marriage ended. As a New Yorker, I can tell you that it was disgusting.

When your countin’ up the families that these family values guys have, do you count only the marriages they personally enter and egress, or do you also count the marriages they break up?

If it’s the latter, then it’s clear that they have even more family values than we previously thought.

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Humans are gross.

Oh I well remember that. At the link provided, good ole Judith is whining about Rudy being a liar and a cheater. Lol like we don’t remember she was right there in the pigsty with him back in the day. Screw both of them.

Mr. I was mayor on 9/11 has always been vermin, nothing he has ever done is evidence to the contrary.