Giuliani Associate Says He Gave Demand for Biden Inquiry to Ukrainians

So…confirming again what we all knew. Trump didnt go through the doj for this. He went out on his own through his personal lawyer to dig up dirt in order to sway the election.


On the other hand it’s like Cohen saying something , who knows if it’s true. There’s no credibility between any of them.

Yeah…but this guy Lev…looks like he’d sell out his mom.

True…that doesnt mean he is here…it confirms just what we heard from the house

Yeah… I’m just not jumping to conclusions yet. But these things do keep adding up to a bigger hill of beans.

The funnier part is when Trump defenders will say this guy is a liar but Trump and Guiliani are credible.


You know full well the public hearings are gonna be bad.

Liars hang with liars…that is truth.

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Not holding my breath. It’s just one of those things…i don’t trust the process.

I wanna believe it…

I’d believe it but understand the Senate is going to protect him… trumps gonna be impeached

Yeah, we know that. We also know what he said to Zelansky.

Why are you © libs giving us a play by play? Who are you trying to convince?

The supporters won’t care.

They will allow and defend the actions of the President because of lib tears.

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Since you ask: the electorate who will decide Senate races in Maine, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Arizona and Kentucky next year.


And the economy will decide for the electorate.

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Good point. The economy is a major reason why Ernst’s seat in Iowa is even in play.

I know…its all whataboutism and conspiracy while ignoring actual crimes

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Was what Biden did…corrupt? Do you think what took place is perfectly ok? If not, why is it wrong to ask for help investigating corruption with in our government by the country in which it allegedly took place?

And does anyone honestly thing Schiff and Pelosi aren’t trying to dig up dirt in order to sway the election?

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I love watching you guys not grasp the difference

Based on the people who are denying this, including those who have nothing obvious to gain or lose, the real question is who is pressuring Lev to commit perjury and what did they offer him. I think we can guess why they did it.