GINGRICH ON HANNITY: Jeff Sessions Needs to 'INTERVENE IMMEDIATELY' in Mueller Probe

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich stopped by ‘Hannity’ Thursday night to weigh-in on Robert Mueller’s never-ending Russia investigation; saying the Attorney General needs to intervene immediately.

“98 or 99 percent of what Mueller’s doing is not covered by Sessions’ recusal over the Russian campaign investigation. Sessions -if he did his job- could intervene tonight or tomorrow, it would be totally within his authority and he should,” said Newt.

“The President should take every example of what we’re talking about and simply declassify it. I want to see every decision memo about Benghazi where the Obama team consciously decided to lie to the American people,” he added.

Watch Gingrich on ‘Hannity’ above.

Hopefully congress remains in repugs hands after Nov and gain few seats in the senate.

Then Trump fires Session day after.

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Trump doesn’t need anybody’s permission to fire Sessions. You’re just making excuses for him.

The “never ending” Mueller investigation that has lasted all of about 15 months.\

It would actually be almost unprecedentedly short if it were to end this soon, given the number of indictments and guilty pleas.