Ghislaine Maxwell - 20 Years So What Will Happen Now?

Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted in December of sex-trafficking teenage girls. Tuesday, June 28th., she was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Lots of questions remain.

So, what will happen now?

Will she serve out most of her 20-year sentence?
Will she cut a deal for a lighter sentence?
Will she be pardoned by Joe Biden?
Will the security cameras malfunction and the guards fall asleep?

If she was trafficking, then who were her clients? Why have they not been exposed and arrested? Who has the power to cover it up? Who benefits?

She’ll be on suicide watch, the guards will not be there or be asleep, the cameras inoperable and then an unexplained accident.



Most people would be more surprised if that didn’t happen.

Nevermind. Shouldn’t have even posted in this thread.

Really? I saw no client list. You can’t traffic without customers.

Probably a wise decesion.

Yeah, well - way to prove my point.

The details of her crimes, and how she met each elememt of the offenses, are publically available, in excruciating detail.

Only a google search away.

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But no client list. Right?

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She has no evidence that would get a republican in trouble otherwise she would have committed suicide like epstien…


I honestly don’t understand what you’re asking.

What “client list?”

I"m sure you don’t. People that play dumb don’t get my attention.

So, exactly who were her clients? Why have there been no arrests? If she was trafficking, then she had to be doing that to someone. Who?


Well, I do care so deeply abour your “attention.”

But nevertheless, I can’t help but notice you didn’t answer my question.

Here…I’ll put it on a level you can understand.

  1. Johnny bought a basket of apples
  2. Johnny sold his apples.
  3. Who did Johnny sell his apples to?

There, hope that helps.

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A lawyer who doesn’t know what a client list is.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It doesn’t.

Who is “Johnny?” What are “apples?”

Well, he is a Democrat after all. Cut him some slack.

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I didn’t say “What is a client list?”

I said what client list.

Whose clients? For what service?

Do eighty five percent of her sentence in Club Fed unless she like wins an appeal or something. She’s not liable to get shivved in the shower.

She’ll be in Martha Stewart prison.