Getting down to the last few House seats to be decided

2020 House Vote Tracker | The Cook Political Report?

Current balance is Democrats 221 to Republicans 207.

Louisiana 5 will go to a runoff between two Republicans, but is included in the 207.

The following districts remain to be called:

California 21: Republican leads by about 4,000 votes.
California 25: Republican leads by about 160 votes.
Iowa 2: Republican leads by about 45 votes.
New Jersey 7: Democrat leads by about 9,000 votes.
New York 2: Republican leads by about 45,000 votes.
New York 11: Republican leads by about 37,000 votes. (Now called for Republican.)
New York 22: Republican leads by about 28,000 votes.
Utah 4: Republican leads by about 4,600 votes.

Delaware, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Vermont and Wyoming have already certified their elections.

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I think one of them got called in the last 7 minutes.

New York 11, that is.

That’s my district, Malinowski lead by 6,500 votes. Should be able to hold on.


Yep, and it is now showing as called at the OP link.

Pretty decent gain in seats this year. Looks like the midterms will be made popular for a change.

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Hard to say what the situation will be in 2022, since we have reapportionment and redistricting to do between now and then.

I’m thinking in terms of voters showing up to the polls. It usually has less turnout, right?

Yes, generally far less turnout during the midterms. And with the very polarizing Trump gone, it probably drops even farther.

Well, here’s hoping 71 million people show up.


Blue wave! The People want progressive policies!

The people, by a greater than 5 million vote margin, wanted ■■■■ for brains kicked out of the White House with an iron boot and they succeeded in doing just that. Whether he accepts it or not is irrelevant.

Republicans just need to nominate somebody that is not a ■■■■■■■ narcissistic sociopath in 2024 and they will be fine.


Sure, sure. TDS!


TDS is a complement, not an insult.

Thank you.


You’re making your own thread about Trump.


It is relevant.

The fact that Republicans did well in Congress and elsewhere, while Trump lost decisively, indicated that voters split their tickets, accepting Republicans in general, while repudiating Trump in particular.

The results are comprehensive enough at this point to make my conclusion inescapable.

You’re making your own thread about Trump.

Repubs lost between 1 -3 seats in the senate, lost the presidency, and failed to take back the house that they controlled 3 short years ago.

Yup-- Clearly Dems were rejected and it is a Red Wave…

Ok, if you say so.


Dems failed to take back the Senate and lost a bunch of seats in the House.

I never claimed there was a red wave.

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Did someone after the election claim it was a blue wave?

If not -Why the 1st comment?