Getting beyond ridiculous on Mount Everest

There is literally a ******* congo line of people climbing Mount Everest. That, in turn, is keeping climbers in the death zone longer. Eight dead so far this year and many have turned back.

With all those people around, perhaps time to put in a chair lift to go up and a zip line to go down.

Seriously though, the situation has gotten to the idiotic.


I agree. When I used to climb, a major incentive was to be atop the mountain alone or with one or two of my best friends. There is only room for a very small group to stand at the summit of Everest and with that que waitng their turn makes taking the time to savor the accomplishment impossible.

Climbing Everest is already a vanity project for the rich. Might as well multiple the price so only the super rich can afford it. Hopefully would make it safer.

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There is no way I’d even attempt to summit Everest these days - with the traffic up there, it’s just too damn dangerous - especially in the death zone.

I’d climb it just to ride that zip line down! Woohoo!


Other than what I can only imagine is one of the most majestic and surreal views of this beautiful planet, I cant see me freezing my ass off, having to suck on tanked air, and intentionally putting my life in danger for that.

Surely there has to be better things in life someone could be doing.

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It should be shut down and a long term plan needs to be put into place, unfortunately it generates too much money for a sensible approach( they already tried restricting the permits but this year (no individuals) but that is showing it won’t matter…

On the flip side, who gives a ■■■■■ If that is your thing, I don’t really care if you die at the top of a mountain, or how much trash is there when you go. There is nothing tragic about it.

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Wonderful thing about technology is - if I want to see the view from the summit of Everest, I can find it on a Youtube video while having plenty of oxygen to breathe in my warm house.


I have found a good view from the top of Katahdin in Maine.

A good view can also be had from Clingman’s Dome in North Carolina and that only requires a half mile walk from the end of the road to the observation tower. :smile: