Get your freedom phone

I’ll admit, I don’t know too many people with fond memories of landlines.

I know I always hated them.

That’s because they are horrible… compared to smartphones. Plenty of my old extended family have both. But giving up a smartphone for just a landline is ridiculous. Smartphones are cheaper than a landline nowadays anyway


They can listen to me swap recipes with my mom if they want.

I will still have a tablet but it will be routed through vpn. Landlines are no worse than smartphones for voice communication. They don’t hang on the wall any more you know.

nothing says freedom like buying a Chinese phone full of malware.


You have to get the right one for that. Most of them have blocked outside Netflix. I found mine by just googling it.

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Thanks man I’ll keep that in mind.

I’m typing this sitting in an airport where most of the restaurant menus are QR codes and ordering/paying is through your (smart) phone. And many banks now require two-factor authentication to log in (which is at a minimum inconvenient without a smart phone).

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You don’t leave your house? You need a cell phone- just basic safety.

While providing some rightie like candace owens a 50$ royalty.

Somehow I managed to live through forty years without one.

I value being unreachable and don’t carry a phone.

Hardly ever answer the land line at home either (how many times is Google or Amazon gonna robocall anyway?).

Don’t confuse convenience and luxury with needs.

The idea that a 21st century professional even a business owner can go without a cell phone of some kind is Thoreau like naïveté


Yeah, like eighty percent of the tools I use to manage are phone apps now. HotSchedules, OpenTable, Slack, the point of sale back-end, etc. There is no way to have a professional job and not have a smartphone anymore.

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Again, convenience and luxury. Nothing more.

Line of Duty is completely worth all the hassle. :slight_smile:

Not if you are working or running a business. It’s just not rational. I mean i guess an abacus is all you need. And a calculator is just a luxury

Same with a computer when a type writer or carbon paper is all you need. Pfft a copier is just a luxury.

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If the business want to grow or expand, they’ll need to utilize technology appropriately. Now some people don’t care about growth/expansion, they just keep doing as they are. No need for high tech web site, app, cell phone, etc. That is fine. If you have a niche business or something that is already working, don’t change. Just be aware that competitors will eventually take away your customers.