Get them in and then get them on welfare. What other country does this?

I can see time limits to get things rolling and my sincere compliments to your fantastic achievement.

Food & nutrition assistance as well as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) tend to have five year time limits, which may vary by state.

That’s great to hear.

I agree—most public assistance programs in the U S are temporary. Immigrant parents who use them temporarily won’t necessarily see their kids use them as adults.

Many children of immigrants to the U S adapt to the native born population & take full advantage of educational & professional opportunities.

Then you move to SS disability.


SSI doesn’t pay ■■■■■

Never the less, the number of people on it coincidently skyrocketed immediately following welfare reform.


I used to watch some of the small claims court shows and it was amazing how many people on there suing each other were on SSDI. :roll_eyes:

I have liberal social worker friends and family, they all openly admit coaching people being forced off welfare to get disability instead.

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I don’t doubt that at all.

It helps if they have a disability.

It helps but it isn’t required. Oh and inability to hold a job, counts as a disability.

What do you mean it isn’t required? lol
Trying to look up your second claim, nada so far.

If you have psychological or psychiatric conditions, the SSA will develop a mental RFC for you that discusses your ability to do the mental aspects of work, such as following directions, getting along with others, and completing work in a normal amount of time.


The amount of time the vast majority of people spend on welfare.

This information is in a few posts up.

I see Reagan’s Welfare Queen Myth still runs strong in today’s RW circles.

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Good grief. No wonder so many of the permanently lazy are on disability. :crazy_face:

…bitter post once again. Seriously…are you really this sad of a person?

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There’s nothing bitter about this post at all.

There’s annoyance that so many objections to policy are based on myth.

There’s a difference.

Seriously- not a couple of posts up from your post was the stats that show the vast majority of people that avail themselves of welfare services avail themselves of it for a very short time- and most are also working while availing themselves of its services…they’re using these services as designed- a temporary backstop until they’re on their feet.

Yet you STILL waded in with a post that indicated you were suspicious of the use of the word “temporary”- indicating you hadn’t bothered to read that post, and/or you have not done research on the subject.

Can’t IMAGINE why that would constitute annoying behavior.

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Added 5.7 million people to it in 2019 alone.

My friend…you’re one of those common people who step into something halfway through and due to their arrogant opinion of their IQ, believe they have grasped the whole…while making a fool of themselves in the process.

Please share your detailed scientific and statistical analysis that shows most people on disability actually aren’t disabled but are instead “permanently lazy”.

Take your time…we’ll wait.