Get them in and then get them on welfare. What other country does this?

They started a lot of that last year didn’t they?!

Isn’t Unemployment Insurance a form of welfare? Most use it as it’s meant to be used & drop out when they’ve found another job, but some fancy it in lieu of a job search.

Were I queen, I’d go back to the pen and paper trail of keeping track of job searches & turning in sheets with contact information with all job searches. If anyone didn’t submit sheets, or look for work, or turned down even a job wrapping burritos at Chipotle Grill, no unemployment check that week :smiling_imp:

I encounter far more native borns than immigrants with a welfare state mentality on a regular basis.


Hispanics and Latinos in industries and occupations

Not relevant. I’ve worked for Hispanics. I have had Hispanic engineers and co-workers. They all had one thing in common. They are not border crashers. You are hyper-focusing on race. It’s not a racial thing. As a group, the border crashers are low skilled, low educated and will need a high amount of government support.


I don’t disagree with that at all. I was just strictly speaking of foreign nationals seeking citizenship.

I would guess that you don’t know a lot of illegals.
There are as many low life illegals as there are United States citizens.
It amazes me the number of people who try to make illegals out to be saints while they call the citizens of their own country trash.

I don’t think we live in the same part of the U S.

Come to Boston or any part of MA. A majority of individuals wanting such benefits as universal health care & sitting at home in lieu of a job search, boasting about U I checks coming in, are white & native born.

Matter of fact, it was a black man from Canada telling me about the trouble he had with universal health there. He isn’t asking for it here.

And hey, someone wants to conduct themselves like trash, black white green any & everything in between, native born or otherwise, expecting something for nothing, I’m calling them, well, trash.

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I deal with a lot of immigrants here. Some are illegal & doing their best to legalize their status not because they crashed any border, but overstayed a visa. Some married U S citizens.

Not all are allowed to stay in the end, and no one is all bad or all good. But I find as a rule those from outside the U S aren’t turning down every other job because it doesn’t pay what they think it should, or has odd days or hours or hazardous duties. Lost sight of how many times I’ve seen that every job is beneath me mentality among native born & raised.


“Not relevant.” No?

Many countries whose citizens enter the U S illegally are south of the U S border. While not as many Mexicans have entered in more recent years, Mexico still is a gateway country for those entering.

Which of the “border crashers” in the above article “lack education” and will need “a high amount of government support”?

It’s only matters if race is your focus. Race is not my focus. Border crashers are.

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Yet prevalent. Good observation.



They are working off the books.

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We have that very system. How do you prove I didn’t?

Which state?

Come to a border state.

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Then you don’t know a lot about it. You’re a long ways.


This thread is in the context of the current situation at the border along with the current economic realities we are facing. Regarding welfare, EVERY child that gets here will be an economic burden on the US taxpayers. Unless you believe that they are going to pay for their own schooling, healthcare, housing, etc., etc. The adults will ALL get free healthcare at the US taxpayers expense. Regarding other benefits it really depends on what their status is and what state they are in. So whether they want welfare or not is irrelevant to the economic realities we currently face and will continue to face.

Define “temporarily”?


My parents were on it four years and now i am a lawyer and everything

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