Get ready, Lindsey

Jan 24, 2019: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said he plans to investigate Hunter Biden’s lucrative job at a Ukrainian gas company while his father was serving as vice president.

Can hardly wait! Impeachment will likely be history by early next week. You’re up next, Senator Graham. It’s time to fully out the actual corruption thugs! Looking forward to seeing the Bidens, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper all wearing the same matching outfits.

Next they should investigate Ivanka, Jared and Rudy Giulianis son. All have cushy jobs that they are unqualified for simply because of their Dad/Father In Law.


We’ve been literally hearing this same refrain for the last three years. But this time its going to be different. :rofl::joy:

I swear, some people never tire of being played.


Precisely what needs to be done, but in way not to rock the boat but to undermine FISA renewal that comes in March. As for Biden crime family there is plenty of time to throw that back into libs faces once we are sure Biden has a lock on it. Otherwise it’s not worth the political capital. FISA abuse is more pressing.

when trump forcefully quid pro quos the prosecutor to be fired when one of their companies faces investigation in exchange for keeping a billion dollars come on back


Why hasn’t Barr done anything yet about the Biden crime family?

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The way they never give up hope no matter how crazy it is is sort of heartwarming.


Deal. When Trump does what no member of the last administration did, he shall come back

He should…

I suppose bat crap crazy can be heartwarming…

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Maybe he should.
Why has he not?

So wait wait wait, Graham is saying he’s gonna keep this Ukraine thing in the media spotlight even after this is over? It is to lol.


Rudy already did this.

It was on OAN, and it is The Greatest Travesty Of Our Age that Rudy’s documentary is not winning every investigative journalism award that there is.

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did you stomp your feet as you said no one did that?

Now now. Did you just make that about me? Oh gosh.


JayJay: Got a link?

Conan, you may be right re Biden. Hopefully Barr/Durham are able to right (or sink) the FISA situation. I vaguely recall hearing that future FISA proceeding will always include opposing arguments before granting a request.

What jobs do they have and what specific necessary experience or skills did they lack before being allotted those jobs?

But that’s been debunked.
Still waiting for someone to tell me how to get my hands on the report that shows what was examined and the analysis that was applied to the facts that show how it was debunked, though.

Not sure if OAN downloaded the documentary online. You could look.

I watched it the three days it ran right before Christmas.

It was riveting TV I tell you…riveting!

It had all the elements…the Ukrainian army…black limos…a frenzied race for a plane out of Kyiv and most sinister of all…((SOROS))!!!

Rudy is a fan-dab-tastic investigator and the production values were out of this ■■■■■■■ world, man!

It is a travesty that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden aren’t in prison right now receiving their nightly visits from the sisters!