Georgia was too Black so they moved All Star Game to Colorado

Hmm…let see what their laws concerning voting.

Interesting…must show ID to vote in person. Must attach an ID photo on your first mail in ballot.

Signatures must match and you must request your ballots.


I just read that Governor Abbott has decided not to throw out the first ball at the rangers game this year, and that Texas would not apply for any special MLB events. I suppose he didn’t want the state opened up for intimidation if the MLB decides to disagree with our politics.

I also read that this rule about Georgia ending the election time at 5 was really just making explicit the already existing rule that it would be open during working hours…plus any county that wanted to do so could extend the voting hours to 7. So in effect they were increasing voter access.

And the part about food and water? Water can be made available. The food and water prohibition is against electioneering of organizations at a polling place.

This seems like an odd sort of “Jim Crow” law to me.


Cancel MLB!!!

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Seems to me they moved out of state that has 32 percent of population that is black to a state with little over 4 percent.

Was Georgia too Black?


Sometimes you can’t just lie down and take it.
Enh…I can’t cancel anything. I haven’t been to a Rangers game in decades.


Probably for the best. They hosted a super spreader event there today.

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Yes…they moved to Colorado because more money to be made…not some culture war libs been pushing.

And once again Blacks are paying that price.


Yeah the Pirates haven’t been good in almost thirty years and they’ve traded away all the talent they did have in the last five seasons.

Notwithstanding that photo id is not a prerequisite nor corequisite to have a fair and trusted election is there anything else included in the legislation?



MLB moved All Star Game to one of Whitest states in America with stricter voting laws then Georgia. Too funny.


Well they force people to show their ID in Colorado to get into the game?


this is a joke right?

You ever been to Atlanta? My god!

what wrong with Atlanta?

It’s alright. Has some really good museums and the food is fantastic.

Driving there is a nightmare though. Literally the worst place I’ve ever driven in.

Most cities have horrible road systems.

True but Atlanta’s is… just awful even by southern city standards.