Georgia R who wanted a "deportation bus" gets a whole 5% of the primary vote

Maybe a hard line on immigration isnt the way to go.

It wasnt for this gentleman who ended up with 5% of the vote.


I live in GA, and didn’t really think that particular candidate would go very far. Although, I do have to add that Brian Kemp ran an ad where he stated he had a big truck in case he needed to run some illegals to the border. Kemp came in 2nd place and is in a runoff with Casey Cagle for the Republican nomination.

The ad is on YouTube, but I was a bit hesitant to link to it here as there is some language in the title. If you do a search for “Brian Kemp ad” within YouTube you can see it.

I think that illegal immigration is a winning issue for republicans.

Maybe in Georgia,

In jersey, its a losing issue

Our governor ran on making Jersey a sanctuary state and won easily.

Other states may differ.

This is why my house member (Republican Leonard Lance) has signed the discharge petition

He is desperately trying to hold his seat and the only way he gets it done is opposing Trump and Ryan on a DACA deal.


Huh? The deportation bus guy was stomped by the rest of the crowd.

That is true - but, in GA, all of the Republican gubernatorial candidates ran on an anti - illegal immigration platform. That particular guy just took it way too far for most poeple’s taste.

it (illegal immigration) certainly worked when we elected a President.

Law and order…


It’s amazing. They are all such scum.

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Yeah, this guy was a real winner.

Although the guy that was eventually elected governor (Brian Kemp) kept his job as Secretary of State right through the general election and runoff, effectively overseeing the election in which he was elected governor.

Let that sink in.

Constant conflicts of interest.

5% and a crook to boot.

At least be like trump and get 46%