Georgia mayor under fire for alleged remarks about black job candidate

What is going on in Georgia? It’s 2019 and people still want don’t want to see interracial couples? Then to boot try to say it’s Christian values to not have an interracial couple. Oh better yet certain people can’t accept that a black person would be in a position of power.

Im interested to hear this argument. For a laff

From one of the city council members who supported the good mayor in all of this had the following to say:

“I’m a Christian and my Christian beliefs are you don’t do interracial marriage. That’s the way I was brought up and that’s the way I believe,” he said. “I have black friends, I hired black people. But when it comes to all this stuff you see on TV, when you see blacks and whites together, it makes my blood boil because that’s just not the way a Christian is supposed to live.”

He said race was not a decision on which candidate he supported for the job, though, so I guess that’s good news?

This doesn’t surprise me.

Remember years ago when posters called me a liar when I described exactly this kind of stuff? I guess they feel stupid now huh?

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Maybe if you use a Fox News link?


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I’m from GA myself, and all I can say is ■■■■ like this embarrasses the hell out of me as a Georgian.


Oh brother, nobody ever claimed there weren’t still racists in the world.

It appears her words were overheard by others assisting in the hiring process so the mayor has no place to go but…out.

Say bye Felicia. :sunglasses:

Can the Mayor or the Councilman be impeached for unlawful discrimination in employment? That ■■■■ has to be embarrassing, especially, since as indicated by the article, Hoschton is poised for growth with a lot of new home construction.

And that ■■■■ about “Christians not behaving in such a manner”, can anyone whose Christian point out a verse of the Bible that forbids people from different races socializing? Or marrying one another?

Sounds like a load of bull to me. Hoschton is past being stuck with idiots stuck in a time warp like this & needs to move forward by impeachment, if possible, voting them out if not.

I’ve been telling everybody here for years that large groups of people have been using the church to segregate their kids for decades. It was actually a pretty slick move because nobody can stop it.

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I just about cringed to death seeing him endorse that statement with Christianity twice.

Sure, even in the more progressive northeast, there are some parents who enroll their kids in private schools in part to keep them away from minority children. While this is despicable, it isn’t illegal, unlike racial discrimination in hiring.

But do you know of any specific Bible verse that’s specific in forbidding mixing of people of different races, as the idiot councilman claims? I’m more familiar with the Old Testament & can’t recall any.

I truly am saddened to see this kind of mentality in 2019.

Now this is unlawful discrimination. Both need to go. By lunch today.

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I pretty much agree with you. I did note usual liberal exaggeration. It didn’t say “people” opposed interracial couples on Christian grounds" it quoted one man saying that.
I think he’s full of it. Christian scripture does not teach that. If a person is prejudiced on the subject, he needs to leave Christ and Christianity out of it.

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The idea that interracial relationships are somehow outlawed in the Bible has always been laughable. Besides, different colors of skin have only been around for less than 10% of our species’ history.

If the Younger Dryas didn’t happen the way it did, we’d all still look like the Aborigines.

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People do feel that way Bill. A year or so ago there was a big uproar about an interracial couple in a Cheerios commercial. He was bold enough to say it out loud

Come on man, it’s just 1 or 2 people.

Like a poster here told me years ago when I described all the white Supremacists and there supporters, sympathizers and defenders, “You must live in some isolated place”.

Or something like that. He was trying to pretend this stuff isn’t all over our country and woven into our fabric.

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I totally agree that there a lot of people who dislike the thought of interracial couples.
I married a Japanese girl in 1971 and brought her back to Dallas to live. We encountered plenty of that. Enough to make her cry more than once. Fortunately nothing like that happens anymore.
I’m sure it does with Whites with Blacks.
I can say that I have never heard anyone base this prejudice on the Bible.

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Where have you been? This happens a lot and have been since before and after the signing of the Constitution of these United States.

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