George Soros: what is the deal?

I am curious to hear from our friends on the right what exactly does George Soros find that is worthy of the vilification.

I would like to see real evidence that is backed by facts and links.

I am honestly interested in hearing what the argument is.

I ask those on the left to maybe stay out of it for a little bit and please no snark.

I will promise to be respectful to the opinions presented.

Any sign of disrespect will be met with a warning and the second sign will mean that I will not engage with that person anymore in this thread.

I hope that others will do the same.

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George Soros helps fund a lot of Democrats and activists in general.

That is fair.

That doesn’t seem to me to rise to the level of him being a bogie man to direct an enormous amount of attention towards though.

He’s the dem version of the Koch bros/Sheldon Adelson. And there’s a branch of right that has a thing about jews.

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The difference I see though is that it seems to me that Soros is part of a grander conspiracy in the CEC than the Koch network or Adeldon.

If a liberal group or network were to accuse the Koch’s of trying to import leperous migrants to bring down America I would think that they were losing their mind.

I don’t agree with the Koch’s. I think their actions are in their self interest and not in the interest of the nation… but I would never do what Giuliani has said about Soros and call them the anti christ and argue that their money should be taken away.

Does that make sense?

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Jezcoe, first we must ask is there anything anyone could do that would offend you if they support liberal causes.

for instance would blocking free speech on college campuses offend you?

would inciting violence against police offend you?

Would promoting euthanasia offend you?

This is not to say that Soros does any of this, but it is to discover if you have a trigger as to how far one can go to undermine political systems to promote global governance.

would it bother you if wars were started to create profit opportunities for his hedge funds?

My post was the reality.

Your post is the hair on fire, CEC version of un-reality. You got that right.

Oh, brother. The BS train is here.


I did not know Soros did all of these things.

The CEC has been hammering on Soros for years. He’s a legitimate boogeyman for them. However, they couldn’t really tell you what he’s actually done, other than fund liberal candidates and causes.

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I am interested in Soros, so let us please keep the discussion narrowed to that.
Thank you.

Any supporting links that show Soros started wars to create profits for him would be appreciated.

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As stated in the OP, I honestly want to keep this civil and snark free as possible.

I am really interested in understanding the perspective and would rather this not devolve instantly.


read the post again, I did not say he did.

You and I seem to agree.

I am trying to get to the bottom of the bogie man status.

I honestly just want to understand

He was one of the folks that shorted the UK currency and made $1 Billion off of their collapse. That was the start of it for me. Then the knowledge that he funds groups like and BLM which are trash to me. I don’t know the man obviously but despise what he stands for through funding.

Where I part ways with some people is when they circulate the nonsense that he was a Nazi SS in WWII.

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No, I’ll be gone.

Plus, I’m having site problems today.

Jezcoe, I did not say he did any of those things, I asked, if he did would it bother you.

Point being I am interested in Soros as well, he is a vocal critic of American foreign policy as am I. The question still remains, Is there anything he can do that would cause you to object?

Then why write a post that has nothing to do with the topic of this thread?

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It’s what he does, even in his own threads.


The overall CEC/republican strategy is to keep people scared and outraged. To this end they’ve created a number of boogeymen and women that elicit a knee-jerk response from their audience. Pelosi, Soros, Hilary, Waters, the list goes on. Just listen to the audience response at the mention of one of their names at a republican rally. Soros, a “globalist elite billionaire” has stuck as one of their biggest boogeymen.

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