George Santos is...Kitara?

So…everyone cool with having a drag queen as a GOP representative? I thought these folks were groomers?

A new report claims Rep. George Santos (R-NY) went by the name “Kitara” while he performed in drag during his youth in Brazil.

Santos reportedly used numerous aliases before he was elected to the House in November after campaigning on lies about his background. Santos is said to have used the name Anthony Devolder – an alias he is accused of using to allegedly swindle money from a fundraising campaign for a veteran’s sick dog.

According to reporter Marisa Kabas, Santos also used the first name Anthony during his youth in Brazil. Kabas reported the now-34-year-old also dressed in drag and used the name “Kitara.”

Awfully fuzzy picture. At any rate, it doesn’t matter what I am cool with in this instance. Pretty sure there isn’t anything I can do about it.


Plus, not a very liberal thing to do, trying to leverage what you percieve as bigotry for political gain, tsk tsk.

I have to keep this in mind the next time a white male democrat does something sketchy, hey dems, know how you hate white guys…


White libs did the whole #UncleTim hashtag, after all. It’s not beneath them to call someone a ■■■■■■ if it serves a lib purpose. :wink:


LOL. Never mind about our trans and drag show manufactured moral panic now that we’re reliant on one.

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Just checking if its ok to be a drag queen now? I’m cool with it. Y’all?

It’s by far the least offensive and shady thing about this guy, and it’s the one thing that will give the GOP permission to oust him.

Was he prancing around half naked in front of kids? That was the issue, not drag itself, there was no outrage prior to the involvement of children.


They’re in too deep. Its like Trump. They can’t oust him now…because libz want him ousted.

Nobody said people can’t be drag queens, the issue was things like airing out the fake double D’s in front of kids.


Wait- so…being a drag queen is totally cool? As long as its not in front of kids?

You seem to be confused, how do I go about ousting elected republicans I don’t care for exactly? I don’t live in that state and the election is over.

Show us the republican outrage that predates the kids thing. Suddenly you don’t remember Guiliani in a dress?

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Again- very simple question.

Is being a drag queen fine and cool…as long as they do not perform in front of kids?

Ah. There you go.

Yeah that was super weird, shades of things to come.

The whole drag thing came out of nowhere, completely manufactured moral panics. The rubes for it every single time.

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Your efforts are valiant, but libs are not passing up the opportunity to play smear the queer. :wink:


Well it’s not something I am particularly interested in or approve of but I don’t give much of a care about it if there are no children involved. Ever see me complain about drag that didn’t involve half naked people in drag in front of kids?

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George Santos Story Hour i.e. his resume :wink:


Do I need to start posting the outrageous videos of drag performances in front of kids where the fake boobs are on display? The ice cream cone isn’t going to lick itself.

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