Generic question on post deletions?

It’s probably not possible:
But is there any way when a post is deleted the original post that was deleted gets quoted in the message the automated admin sends everyone involved in that post chain?

If this were possible I think it would do a great deal to eliminate the “phantom post deleted” complaints people have. Folks might be replying to a poster that replied to someone else and have no idea why their post got canned when the first person in the chain got deleted.

Some message like the following would be great:

“The following post was removed by the moderators:
(quoted post)
Due to the way the forum software works, any replies to this post also were removed.”

This way if a post is removed, you can see right in the message if it was a post you made or someone else that was the issue and you happened to be part of the chain.

It just seems good message board etiquette for posters to have some notification their post has been deleted.

If for nothing else it gives them a heads up they need to be more careful in their posting.


But in addition to sometimes not getting a message, the message you do get can be confusing.

Let’s say person A posts something delete worth, person B replies to it and A and B go back and forth for a while. A bit later person C replies to person B.

When person As post is flagged and deleted A, B, and C get messages that their post was flagged and removed for a violation. Likely person C has no idea what happened or why it was removed and is left scratching their head as to what they posted that was a violation. Because nothing in the notification clues you in to what post was deleted.

I figure if at least the violation post was quoted, everyone involved would know which post was the cause of their post getting removed whether you were person A or just somebody replying further down the chain.

Took me a couple of reads to understand this but I get your point now.

If posts get deleted then there should be a notification.

I do not see the point of deleting posts “secretly”. I am sure thats not the intent but how are posters supposed to know what is going on.

Will be interesting to see what the mods response to this question will be. Hopefully soon.

It’s not possible.


In your opinion Is it a limitation of the forum software or a limitation of what the admins (not the mods) want to do?

This is an open source forum platform. It’s designed to be customized with the sky as the limit for admins who know the Ruby coding language or even JS/CSS web scripting. Otherwise, the available features and layouts are limited to the whims of the developers who have their own opinions on what should come standard.

That makes sense and explains the functionality issues.