General Flynn Is Not The One Who Should Be Sentenced


Well. None of that is ever going to happen.


What have we lose lol


But erasing emails and smashing hard drives with Government material on them is a crime.


Never say never anything can happen.


I just did.


I will never grow wings and fly.

I will never get Natalie Portman’s phone number.

If I ever do get Natalie Portman’s phone number, she will never return my phone calls.

Substitute any actress in the above two sentences.

I will never eat a loaf of Wonder Bread in one sitting.

A car will never bunny hop off of the parking lot and into my second-floor apartment bedroom and honk twice, and if it does, Natalie Portman will not be behind the wheel, telling me that she got all of my messages, but that she had been held hostage by a cadre of Australian snipers working undercover as cell phone salesmen.

But yes, aside from those things, anything is possible, and one should never say never.


Flynn and Cohen do Trump’s bidding and end up with felony convictions.

Seems the fat orange puppetmaster should be the one in jail.


The Trump administration certainly could have ordered such an action - yet it hasn’t. I wonder why that is?


The Trump Administration is Part of the Deep State!





When does reality intrude?


My guess is never.

My guess is never or March 23rd, 2037.


Trump control the DOJ why hasn’t he does this.


But, but, the FBI lied to me!


FBI stands for

Flynn By Indictment,



But. but, I was tricked by the FBI!! -Treasonous Flynn


As I said… when the whole story is known… people will realize that Flynn is getting off light.


Let’s see, so far we have:

  • Gates turned on Manafort

  • Cohen turned on fat donald

  • Flynn turned on his partners

  • Papadapolous turned on fat donald

I’m sure I’m missing a few.


I’m still wondering why Nunes hasn’t been indicted yet.


For all of you treasonous Flynn defenders and people accusing Mueller of trapping him, keep in mind he would be charged for the same crimes had he not cooperated and negotiated a plea deal for a lighter sentence.


These people are going to be devastated when Flynn walks free with no charges because of it.