General Flynn Is Not The One Who Should Be Sentenced


Uh, his point is that he thinks you’ve misread the situation.


My point is that there is no chance Hillary Clinton goes to prison between now and early February as you’ve predicted, and it’s utterly insane to think so.


I would stake my reputation on it.


Of course, reputation doesn’t matter on an anonymous Internet forum, does it?

That response doesn’t really tell me how confident you are about it.

It is quite a scoop, though. You might want to notify the news agencies.


But but collusion is not a crime


Way ahead of you. Expect it to be all over the Internet tomorrow.


Ok, I’ll look for it tomorrow.


If there is a tomorrow.


If there’s not, then I guess it won’t matter too much either way.


What should we expect to be all over the Internet tomorrow?


I’m a reliable person.


Are you tired of all the whining yet?


These accounts have to be poe’s right? :joy:

Sorry Trumpers, but last week gave a clear indication that Trump is done. Trump knows this, Republicans know this, at this point it’s about doing what he can to save as much of his butt as he can.

You can cry about it, point fingers, gnash your teeth, yell at the sky about the injustice, he is done.

Trumpers hitched their wagons to a loser clown that sweet talked his way into their panties. :laughing:


You said Trump was done before the Republican primaries. You were wrong. You said Trump was definitely going to lose to Hilary. You weren’t right then either. Trump doesn’t get done. He’s a superman and he can defy political gravity. Just ask Russia. Trump does what he wants and we justify it because we’ve been trained to. You can’t win here, because facts don’t matter anymore. Donald Trump will be president for the rest of your life and you better just get used to it.


Oh man that’s some good stuff!




Trump’s base I can understand, they operate according to different rules of reality.

It’s the ones in the middle who shrugged and thought they’d take a chance on the “businessman” Trump that pissed me off.


Hot take. Strong text.


She was investigated by congress.
Lets get a special prosecutor who can call in anybody that she has ever know or employed and threaten them. Who has free rein to dig through her, her families, friends, employees and who ever she may have talked to financial records Lets wire tap her friends and employees phones. A prosecutor who can call in family members and her lawyers and see what they know. Lets give this man unlimited time to go through her phone and finianal records and her family and friends phone and financial records.


Yes I Have, most of the left. Not sure what your confusion is. You listen and believe them.