General Flynn Is Not The One Who Should Be Sentenced


We look into what Bill did years ago now lets look into Hillary. Shes the one that went to foreign agents to get dirt on Trump. Shes the one that had hosts of debates giving her the questions early.
Shes the one that said they were dead broke when they left the white house. But they sure seem to have a lot of money now
How many foreign people has she talked to and had business dealings with? Where did all her money come from?


a perfect tribute to such a loser!

(her, not you)


I always enjoy watching the crazies going on their little fantasy land rants. Not talking about anyone in this thread, of course.


Thanks! I’m still searching. I remember exactly how it looked.

And no worries. I am immune from even unintended insults.


Than tell who you are talking about? I’m sure we would all like to know.


Why didn’t your boys?


My suggestion is that if the FBI wants to talk to you, you should invoke your right to not talk. General Flynn was too naive, and unfortunately it cost him. The FBI are not good people, and they should never be trusted.


That’s a good question. Why isn’t the Republican-dominated federal government acting in a way that confirms the fact-poor beliefs of many of its adherents?

In other words, why haven’t they locked Hillary up?

Trump had crowds in the thousands chanting it at his rallies. Surely Trump’s point wasn’t to make them look like a bunch of crazies–because they most assuredly are not a bunch of crazies, they’re a bunch of very nice, sane people–so what gives?

Why would Trump make such nice people look so ridiculous?


Just wait. The podcast I listen to says that Hillary is going to be locked up any day now.


I don’t have enough fingers or toes to quantify the number of times I’ve heard the “Just wait” excuse, and I’ve never found it necessary in my adult life to count over 20.

Just wait till December 5th, then someone big was going to happen.

Just wait till December 8th.

Just wait till _______________.

Which podcast?


A three star general is not naive. A retired military man who travels the world networking with foreign leaders is not naive. Trying to infantilize him is kind of sad.


Hillary didn’t go to “foreign agents to get dirt on Trump.” It’s the typical misinformation the right-wing media likes spread about Hillary.

Hillary was investigated by Congress multiple times in regards to Benghazi, yet nothing. The FBI investigated her e-mail scandal, yet nothing. The Clinton Foundation had been investigated, yet nothing.


Occam’s Razor states that the better explanation is that many Trump supporters got suckered into believing a loony conspiracy theory.

Surely, the counterargument necessitates a conspiracy involving dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of co-conspirators in the federal government.

So to restate it: My view is Trump and Fox News lied to a bunch of Trump supporters, and they bought the story. The end.

Let’s hear the elaborate deep-state conspiracy in full.

Who would care to volunteer?

I’ve got the fire going. I have a marshmallow at the end of a stick. I’m good to go.


Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Everything I’ve seen tells me that if Hillary Clinton isn’t in jail soon then I’ve completely misread the situation.

Mueller probably doesn’t want to get Hillary before Christmas. I predict it’ll happen sometime in January, or maybe early Feb.

I can’t remember which podcast it was. I listen to so many of them. Sorry.


If you’ve completely misread the situation, what will be your response?


My money is on you misreading the situation.


Not going to happen.


You never seen a rambling crazy that talks a whole bunch of nonsense before? Not sure what your confusion is.


I have money too. Your point?


So then why did you write “if Hillary Clinton isn’t in jail soon then I’ve completely misread the situation.”

Are you saying now that it is impossible that you misread the situation?

Wait–are you guaranteeing that Hillary Clinton will be in prison by early February?