General Flynn Is Not The One Who Should Be Sentenced


That is a very good point.


How are most things not true?

They just aren’t part of reality.

That’s it, really.

Believing fiction isn’t a good life strategy.


Like Obama had a birth certificate ? Lol


That’s funny because it’s been proven that Obama was never born.


Uh, yes, like that.

I am saddened to say that we’re both going to walk away from this conversation knowing that we won it.


I’m getting tired of sanctimonious liberals who think their ■■■■ dosen’t stink.


Glad you can admit what we all knew the left loves indoctrination. Can’t have people thinking for themselves. And you must get them young so you can fill them with the propaganda that you want.


A big deal?! You’re joking I’m sure — nobody got killed, no one got mugged.


Lol what ever makes you feel better ha


No and he actually won that’s how great he is


Hillary got a free pass and she is dirty, crooked , a lair and a criminal. Why the double standard.


Reality makes me feel better than getting dealt pocket aces.


Like I said what ever lame you’d feel better lol


In order to continue the conversation, we’d have to accept your dubious premise. I don’t think many people are willing to take that step away from reality just to accommodate your argument.


I don’t understand. I didn’t mean to rattle you. Please rephrase.


Lets install a special prosecutor to look into Hillary and Bills business dealing and family and friends. And lets give him free rein to look into what ever he wants.


what happened to your pro-Hillary loving i love Hillary avatar?

you had it before the election. and a bit after if i recall

does she embarrass you now?


Remember when a Special Prosecutor looked into Bill Clinton’s finances for years and found nothing, but was then told to keep looking? Then only found a lie about a consensual sexual encounter.


Oh, thanks for the reminder! Haven’t been around long. I’ll have to find that exact picture.


No to what? You said it was a big deal, now it’s not? Making up your mind should be easy for you.