General Flynn Is Not The One Who Should Be Sentenced


I’m flying like a technicolor kite.


I know it’s been asked a million times but who started the investigation? Dis the Democrats appoint a special council? Did a career Republican attorney general recuse himself because of the democrats?


Is it better that trump’s crimes were swept under the rug?


These so-called crimes are not important. The book has many laws and rules, and everyone breaks the law fourty or fifty times a day. It’s funny. Then how about Trump’s technically illegal stuff? The Obama campaign also violated campaign finances, and they were just fine. What happened in Cohen with SDNY should be a crime, and everyone involved should be sent to prison. It is not appropriate to investigate people close to the president.


Why not wait for the report to see if they were only small crimes or a large jigsaw puzzle of corruption


So emails are the crime of the century?


It’s funny how these wignuts defending Flynn never bring up the fact that he cooperated with Mueller and gave him tons of information.


I believe innocence before being convicted. While there is no evidence everyone should avoid talking about it. If we ignore it, it may disappear.


And he hasn’t been convicted or impeached. The people that have been ensnared have plead guilty. I believe it’s more Republicans shouting lock her up then vice versa. I have the patience go wait. If trump,his company,or anybody has committed a crime it will be dealt with. If not then so be it. No crime I’d not that big of a deal.


You have evidence that “Barry” and Hillary are criminals?


Watch what happens when everyone finds out how much he ratted tiny trump out.


When all said and done obama
Will be behind bars for spying on the president


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him think.


Yep, fantasy land indeed.


I believe that all confessions are false, because the witch hunt is illegal. Robert Muller should still has to investigate peanut farms or something else, and Comey should be in prison. What happened to Hillary’s email? If Sessions had not got in the way, we could have true justice. Now that he’s gone maybe now we can start talking about how Robinstein should be investigated for obstruction of justice.


No he won’t.

But you know who is going to be behind bars?

Felony Flynn.



Hillary lost bro, get over it.


Spying on a political opponent is a big deal


It would be if were true, but it isn’t. You have been misled by people trying to throw cover for the President’s troubles.


How is it not true??