Gender Dysphoria as Mental Illness

Since the discomfort with one’s sexual identity from birth is classified as an illness, wouldn’t encouraging those affected to seek treatment make more sense than expecting those not affected to adapt to the demands of the affected?

Not only at our neighborhood public high school are preferred gender pronouns a part of the curriculum in a course needed to graduate, students were pulled out of class to listen to a lecture on this topic. I’m giving application to another district some serious thought.

If it is a mental illness, what other mental health condition are those not affected expected to adapt? Would students be pulled out of class, for instance, to be told they not only need to look at untreated schizophrenia as an alternative reality, but to learn the names and languages of the schizophrenic’s voices and converse with them along with the schizophrenic?

Of course not. But teens are pulled out of class & instructed in class in new terminology like zee and zir and asked to refer to a male student named John as she/her/Mary?!

This is insane.


that is a good way to describe it since this whole movement is born out mental illness

like most things from the nowadays left

such leftist lunacy results in things like this:

He wore a disguise to get into a woman’s bathroom… and this is new in 2021 because of…libs? :rofl:

What’s the “treatment” for Gender Dysphoria?

There’s a link right on your page.

Why not do both? I do not think it’s an either or proposition.

Adults bend reality to mentally healthy children all of the time. My son thought he was buzzlight year for 6 months to the point that he wanted people to call him buzz. And guess what people did when he told them to call him buzz? They called him buzz.

No adult said “oh you aren’t really buzz lightyear”.

I do not see the harm is calling people what they prefer, if asked. If Richard wants to be called “Dick”, then who am I to say otherwise?

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From the trans people that I know and work with… the most that I am asked to do is change a pronoun.

It is not that big of a deal.

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You’re still ranting on about your kid missing two hours of class?

You must really not like trans people.

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Not all individuals who do not conform with their birth gender suffer from Gender Dysphoria.

And, similar to the time when homosexuality was designated as a mental illness, many of the cases are considered to be the result of society’s rejecting response to these individuals, not conflict within the person.

yes. this is new because “libs” want to normalize men in disguise (what you call some imagined gender) into ladies rooms now more than ever. it’s their new “rosa parks”

i’ve been saying for years this lunacy will lead to more of this

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I have np with that but there is a percentage that not only want to call the kid buzz but would also advocate to inject him with hormones if they existed a way to keep to him that way. Kids are kids I wanted to be a dinosaur until I was 5 I am happy my parents didn’t try to encourage the transformation.

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My wife has a couple of trans friends. Easy enough to say him instead of her.

I have slipped a couple of times.

Old habits.


And usually if it is a slip it is no big deal… at least you are trying.

It is frightening and criminal what is being done to these children.

An entire industry of child predators, in white suits.


And libs endorse it.


Some of us here were called paranoid right-wing nuts (and worse) for saying in this and other related threads what this woman has echoed and confirmed. Next step … the libs will feed her to the lions.


Amazes me that any medical student would or could, go through school and end up specializing in perverse, medical butchery—just for big money.


They’ll fight you over it. :face_vomiting:

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