Gee I thought the ACA Was Supposed to Help the Needy

There are first time homebuyer programs everywhere:

As I said, that is another fish to fry.

The states that refused to expand Medicare initially were all Republican led. About a third of them have do so or are in the middle of doing so, largely because of public demand. Not one state that started the expansion has backed out.

Why do you think that is?

Agreed. Which is why I don’t dwell on the financial decisions of an ill individual without adequate knowledge of their finances.
Only 40% of Americans can afford a 1,000 dollar emergency expense, by the way:

Clue me in.

Libs and Dems never learn from their failures anywhere from pushing plastic on us to healthcare. EVERY THING libs touch and control turns rancid. I’ve said it a gazillion times right on this forum everything wrong in this country can be traced back to a liberal cause, liberal involvement and ultimately liberal control.

LIBERALISM is the danger to this country.

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Just Google Medicare expansion – the articles will make it clear.

The tragedy and comedy here is that the inefficient two-tier system implemented as the ACA was originally designed by the Heritage Foundation as the conservative response to Hillary Clinton’s failed 1993-1994 healthcare initiative. The two-tier system maintains a substantial role for the private insurance industry – the lobby that torpedoed the Clinton effort.

Because Obama embraced the conservative solution in the vain hope of gaining Republican support – conservatives have spent ten years attacking and undermining that solution. But they have no alternative to it. The result of the undermining of ACA will probably be a move to single payer – as the only other alternative out there… and so it is conservative hatred of Obama which is driving the US to socialized medicine. The irony is overwhelming.


The Trump administration believes millions would lose their insurance if they just killed the ACA with no alternative plan. That’s why they haven’t.

The fifth circuit sure seems to be taking their time…

Healthcare was a major issue that helped flip the House in 2018. The new House has passed legislation
that would strengthen the ACA and lower prescription cost. It was backed by five Republicans.
It now sits on Mitch McConnell’s desk.

Probably none of your business.

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…cept when I’m taxed for her healthcare because she spent the money she should have spent on her health…for tattoos. I love to help those who were dealt a lousy hand but…when you simply play your hand lousy and now need to to tax others for your irresponsible behavior…that behavior becomes every tax payers’ business.

It’s really odd how I never hear people in those countries complaining about it. I guess when you sign up at the hospital they take away your internet privileges.

No, it’s still none of your business.

Hmmm… Quite a few medicare recipients who might object to this line of thinking…

Well it only caused my dad to have to work for a few more years before he had to retire because Obamacare ■■■■■■■ sucks and liberals don’t care.

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Obamacare is a band-aid, a pricey one at that. It’s time to move to a more comprehensive program that enrolls everyone.

Yep. Liberals like making others feel pain.

This complaint about tattoos (and whatever is of particular interest) only makes sense in the context of a system where one has to wear sackcloth for their entire life to afford an organ transplant or another life saving procedure. This problem can be avoided with greater access to care at affordable costs.

Not sure about that.

Only things Obamacare did was make it more expensive for the people who were already being responsible and had care. Punish them!

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