Gee I thought the ACA Was Supposed to Help the Needy

Guess not. Looks like many hospitals aren’t offering discounted care even when they legitimately qualify.

It appears the Affordable Care Act is penalizing everyone, from those employed by private companies & offered group health insurance to those with no insurance.

It needs to go into the dust bin of history, and the sooner the better.

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Well that sounds like the hospital acted inappropriately.

This seems like it has relatively little to do with the ACA and a lot to do with hospitals not following their own guidelines and patients not doing their due diligence to see what they qualify for.

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Most Dems still won’t be able to learn from Obama care’s failure…

They will think the problem was not enough govt. Meanwhile they have enough population to make a single payers system if they wanted. No govt needed.

How much do you think she spent on all of those tatoos…instead of her healthcare?

In a single payer system, none of these people would have received bills or be turned to a collection agency by the hospital that treated them.


Yeah my nephew “loves” Obamacare. It caused him to lose lose his other insurance (about 400 a month) and now he has to pay 1300 a month for Obamacare.

Yes it should go into the dustbin!


This has little to do with the ACA specifically.

It should go into the dustbin and a universal system should be put into place instead.


Even worse.


Some say 20 million+ people would lose their insurance if the ACA went away. Is that acceptable, or should we figure out a way to keep those people insured first?

Even worse than deciding to take your own life or bankrupt your family? Foh

Not the only options of course. Good insurance was available to many before Obamacare not so much afterward.

Also there are lots of disadvantages to single payer. Huge tax increases(to those who actually pay fed taxes) long waiting for treatment and even rationed care.

Check it out with people who actually live under such systems.

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Some say. :roll_eyes: Only about 9 million signed up for Obamacare.

The rest of those numbers are probably expanded medicaid.

Available to many, but not all. Preexisting conditions and whatnot. Also there is the problem of lifetime limits for insurance; so that 150k bill you get for emergency care, you may be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars even after insurance (if they decide to) pays.
The increases in taxes is nothing in comparison to the outrageous, arbitrary prices of healthcare many people are forced to pay or die if they decline. Take a look at your local hospital’s chargemaster and ask them how they determined their prices.
Do you have medicare?

Here are problems with receiving insurance under that law:

Oh, boy, now some of these individuals have insurance, but far less providers who will accept it.

Why not extend an initiative to state governors to handle the problems of the uninsured, as did Mitt Romney in Massachusetts?

Obamacare or the ACA for those more knowledgeable does not have networks… Insurance companies have networks…

Because having a two-tiered system is absurd. Numerous states have already refused to expand medicaid.
Out of network costs is another ridiculous issue that has no business existing in 2019.

I’m wondering, too, how another patient earning less than 30K per year & in medical debt thought she could afford a home mortgage, but that’s another fish to fry.

Looks like the ACA as well as hospitals ignoring their own policies aren’t helping anyone pay their medical bills. If the ACA helped so many buy health insurance, why are there still a lot of uninsured?

First time home buyer programs exist where she lives. Why wouldn’t someone with a modest income want to own a home and build wealth through property at a time when the values of residences are skyrocketing? Not everyone pays an outrageous mortgage.
The hospital is ultimately responsible for not offering financial assistance. Nonprofit hospitals are notorious for being cheap; I believe I read in a Time magazine article that some of them only give 1% of their profit for charitable care.
Edit: here is the article