GDP Growth Below 3%


They are complaining because when interest rates goes up, borrowing goes down which means the markets will go down as well as higher interest rates to buy a house… It is also brings back more incentive to put some money back into a savings account some online are getting closer to the 3% threshold.

In theory it is a good thing if rates rise especially from 0%, but politically it doesn’t look good when the stock market and house prices goes down.


Most folks have yet to understand the enormous inertia over multiple years put on to the economy by Hillary’s email server.


Fake… the books have been cooked by libs far decades


Yeah… I know.

I think that rates should go up. Having them be artificially low during the Greenspan era was one of the contributing factors to the 2008 financial kerfuffle.

A slow and predictable steady raise to a couple of percentage points higher than now shouldn’t be that detrimental to the long term health of the economy.


Hahahahaha thanks for that!


YW, anyone with a brain knows this is a record economy.


Hilarious! Keep it up!!


trump always predicted under 3% gdp…

anything to the contrary is fake news… even if it is actual video of trump saying such, because then it was just locker room talk (who hasnt said worse things in a locker room?) and it didnt even sound like his voice anyway…

besides, anything over 3% would have made people too tired of winning and people would have been upset…

now watch this drive…


How is this a surprise? Trump thinks he has special insight into money and economics while his own businesses have filed for bankruptcy six times. He was all too willing to place the blame on previous presidents for any economic downturn, but as president the buck stops anywhere but with him.

He’s a marginal to poor businessman and a hypocrite. This was known before the election.


Its like they have no true core beliefs


GDP Growth for 2018 will be at about 2.8%??


We’ll know for sure on 2/28 when the Bureau of Economic Analysis releases their report on Q4.

I’ll be in a bit of a quandary if the report isn’t great. I don’t want to celebrate bad news. I truly want economic growth and a healthy, robust economy. On the other hand Trump has been misleading gullible conservatives every time he talks about GDP growth, so part of me wants to offer a fact check.

We’ll see what happens next week. It could be a rough one for Cheeto Benito.


A record economy with a 1,500,000,000,000 debt in 2018.

Note all the zeros. Thats a record all right,



I’m going to guess about 2.84% with Q4 coming in at 1.9-2.0. For comparison, 2015 was 2.881. Q4 would have to come in at 2.6 for that to be met.


So let’s see, we’ve got Atlanta at 1.4%, Moody’s at 1.7%, JP Morgan at 1.4%(and Morgan predicting 1.5% for 1st quarter). So yeah, not good. But somehow New York FED has it still at 2.3% And they’re the outlier.


Trump isn’t getting 3.0% calendar year growth. He isn’t doing better than Obama.


Yeah, I was surprised to see Durable Goods increase NY Fed’s by 0.1 when it had a negative effect on the other models. Next Thursday will be interesting.


We can agree this new Fed Chief is no Greenspan or Bernanke he is acting more like Paul Volcker.


Not quite as brave as Volcker who did the very necessary yet painful thing to get inflation under control… but definitely not Greenspan.

Bernanke actions during the 2008 crash were for the most part pretty good at heading off complete disaster… not without missteps… but overall pretty good.


An inflated stock price benefits every employee who buys company stock or has stock options, not just the executives.

Wages are rising, UE is down to near the lowest levels overall every recorded and at the lowest levels ever recorded for blacks and Hispanics.

Companies also spent a lot of that money on bonuses, training, and expansion/modernization.

Those are all facts that simply exist and cannot be avoided.