GDP Growth Below 3%


This is my favorite part.

Not really, it makes me sad.

Taking on debt for our children and grandchildren, to shovel $$$$ to the already wealthy today.

For nothing.



It is surprising to me that the President and his supporters still put their eggs into the Larry Kudlow basket. When will these Trickle Down” proponents finally get wise?


Kudlow said this morning on Fox that the Retail Sales drop was a “glitch”. Just like the December stock market drop was a “glitch”. And the government shutdown was a “glitch”.

You know what? He’s close, but just off the mark. This President is a glitch.


Just like when he said that the shutdown could go months without any lasting impact to our economy.


Trump needs more executive time to get this economy thing figured out.


Who knew economics could be so complicated?


I guess they could not wait for the 2018 data…lol!


Yo Trump supporters: I get it, this isn’t exciting. It kind of sucks that you’ve invested so much of yourselves in supporting this loathsome character in the name of economic success and the reality sinks in that he really isn’t any better than what you railed against for years. It can be cathartic to just say, “We were wrong for worshiping at the alter of supply-side economics and Trump.”


Who could not wait for what 2018 data?


Holy ■■■■■ ATL Fed dropped Q4 down to 1.5%.


This would put 2018 at 2.81% or so.


The economy is booming…


So it was booming in 2015 as well? Higher GDP growth, more jobs added, etc.


Trump got a massive tax cut. Why does any of that other stuff matter?


The Atlanta Fed, normally one of the more optimistic estimator, is saying 1.5% for 4th quarter. If that holds, that’s the worst quarter since 1st quarter 2016 which was also 1.5%. To go lower you have to go back to 4th quarter 2015. If this holds it’s a pretty big deal. Because 2018 is as good as the Trump economy is going to get.


Worse numbers than his predecessor, record deficits, lower refunds in 2019, people can’t even make their car payments…

Yes, there are plenty of jobs that will let you live paycheck to paycheck and people who know how to invest are doing well.



Considering the jobs added in December, I’m not worried… 300K…


300K more jobs that can’t even sustain average car payments?



That must be Californian’s and NY’ers losing their cars…