GDP at 3.5%..Not bad considering the Fed put the breaks on

Looks like things are still booming even though housing has slowed. I saw housing slow, but the pace of tourist activity here in Cal by the beach continues. Two things effecting the economy is the increased interest rates and uncertainty about the election. The fed should not have raised interest rate as the housing market was slowing due to high prices. One more quarter and Trump will be over 3% gdp for the year. perhaps more if we keep the house and Christmas is big.

Trump is Cool

Q4 has to have almost as strong of a showing as Q3 for 3% (well, 2.95, but it’ll be rounded up to 3% when reporting) annual growth. If you want ACTUAL 3% growth (without rounding), Q4 needs to show 4.2%.

We’ll see.

Trump promised big things. I’m sure Q4 will end like a good reality show–9.2%.

1st quarter = 2.2
2nd = 4.2
3rd = 3.5
Total = 9.9

9.9/3 = 3.3 average

We would only need about a 3% 4th quarter to have a 3% year…

Yeah, no. That’s not how annual GDP growth is calculated. Refer back to my post (or go to my thread in the economics category) if you want to have the actual numbers.

What odd calculations do you use… We have an annual GDP on pace right now to be about 3%. One more at 3% and we are there? The math is simple.

Bless your heart, that’s precious that you think you can teach me something on this subject.

Go to my thread in the economy forum and learn something. Beware. There be maths.

I had not finished that post…

What odd calculations do you use… We have an annual GDP on pace right now to be about 3%. One more at 3% and we are there? The math is simple.

The “odd” calculations are the actual calculations. Like I said, go read my thread and learn something.

It’s a simple average. Stop sending me homework, and send a fact…

The annual GDP growth is not a simple average of the quarterly percentages. This is a fact. I’m not going to retype out the explanation. If you care to learn, go read my thread.

GDP for the annual is not calculated as an average of the quarters. How do I know without knowing math?

Q1 - 1.8
Q2 - 3.0
Q3 - 2.8
Q4 - 2.3

Your math = 2.475

GDP Math = 2.3

No. I calculated the average of the last 3 Q’s and and to keep that average going you need about 3% in Q4. I didn’t take 4 q’s and average them… … I used the word “about”, also.

I never said it was. I calculated what we need to keep an ave of 3% going…

no. You have to add teh GDP to the cumulative and divide by four. Not the same thing as adding 1 to teh average of 3 and dividing by 2.

I heart this post because I read your detailed explanation and it is above my pay grade or understanding for the most part. Thank you again for explaining it in detail. I never knew that there was a lot that goes into those calculations.

If we still had the sticky option on these boards, I would nominate that thread as a sticky.

You calculated incorrectly.

4th quarter GDP needs to come in at 3.42, or an increase of 154.2 billion, to reach 2.95% annual GDP (which would be rounded up to 3% in reports). To reach actual 3% without any rounding, we’ll need 4.22% in Q4, or an increase of 190.3 billion.

Those are facts based on the actual math of the actual calculations used for real annual GDP growth.

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Add zero knowledge or understanding of how annualized GDP is calculated to the list. Good grief. :rofl:

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I am sorry what’s the difference between you averaging 3qs and me averaging 4qs based on your “formula”