GDP 33.1 % - Yet Stock Market Down on Fears of Biden Win

None really.

Nope and it’s a damn good thing. yet there were posters her on Hannity throwing a fit when Trump said the US won’t be a part of it anymore.

Just like it didn’t spread in Europe or anyplace else. Only place it didn’t spread at first (but now it has) was China. And that was due to communist being able to tell people to stay in their homes or they will be shot.

First President to never see annualized 3.0% GDP growth.

After the Bush years and now this, what makes Republicans think they have any credibility when it comes to economics? Stick to the culture wars (which you’re also losing) and grievances (good at grievance).


Energy independence renders your list pointless.

Biden wants to pluck the golden goose of energy. He is out of his mind.

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I cared about the national debt ballooning under Obama, I cared about it going up under Trump. Some of the stimulus was needed and I’m good with that. However another 2 trillion isn’t needed at this point. Trump or Biden, I’ll care about national debt the next 4 years as well. Way we are spending as a country is unsustainable. Even if you took 80% of the billionairs money (not sure how you will convert their stocks to cash to cover things when no one will have $$ to buy it), it won’t cover our national debt. And once you take their money, taxes will drop and then what?

Trump taking credit for US Energy independence is like the guy who ran the last leg of the relay takes credit despite being way ahead when he took the baton.

And Biden wants to start today for a long term plan to to move us off a finite resource.
I know some people have a hard time understanding the concept of “Planning ahead” vs “Reaction”
It shows in the policies.

Yeah that’s why you spent an entire thread on the national debt last year justifying how Trump wasn’t as bad as Obama


You should have voted for Gary Johnson like I did.

It’s only beginning wait to the mortgage forbearance and the renter protections wear off. The economy is in the toilet because of Sum Ting Wong in China, globalism rocks :partying_face:

Don’t be fooled by this quarter. Do you think the economy will grow by 30+% every quarter.

It’s like if you had 100 lost 31% if it. 69. And now that 69 grows by 33%

That leaves you with a shade under 92. Last time I looked 92 is less than 100.

A negative.

Sorry to rain on your parade.

The economy still has a long way to go for a complete recovery.


Not to mention this was also due to the trillion dollar in stimulus paid for by government…not goin to occur for quarter 4.

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The economic happenings in the country and the world along with Central Banks and the Fed are what drives the economy and the Stock Market. The only thing a President can do is to sign legislation that hopefully has an overall positive impact on that. One would be hard pressed to PROVE that had such and such president had no been there the economy would have performed much differently.

Odds are 10 to 1 someplace in that thread I posted my proposed constitutional amendment on balanced budget.

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Right now, 3rd parties are a wasted vote for the bad candidate

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Okay, but no one who consistently votes for Democrats and Republicans should complain about the national debt.

Are you only invested in one stock?

The WORLD is moving away from oil. We can either lead the charge and sell the technology to them like Detroit car companies in the 1920s we came be scrambling to catch up like Detroit car companies in the 1980s.

I hear you. But after a while -a pattern emerges.
EITHER - when it comes to the stock market
1- Dem presidents re the luckiest people ever.
2- Republican Presidents are the most unlucky people ever
3- Dem policies and leadership help push the economy better.

Personally -The MAIN job of the President is to set the agenda and be the “head” communicator of the American Public. Dem Presidents just seem to do a better job of that and it leads to confidence which leads to a growing economy.

Reasonable people can disagree on how much of a impact the President has or about what i said. But the facts at this point are really indisputable.

for the last 50 years the economy performs better overall under Dem Presidents.

Add in that the market is reacting to the reality that there is likely not going to be another stimulus until a new president and congress is seated. Also, Covid is spreading faster than rabbits can multiply, and it’s painfully obvious why the stock market is shrinking

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Sure I can. I vote for a viable candidate. I sent e-mails to my rep and senators. I advocate for a balanced budget amendment.

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Let’s not forget the market had its best April since the 80s in April when millions of american lost their job…

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We understand plan ahead…No deliverable, all lofty dream talk…No action.