Gay wedding cakes, google and You Tube

So imagine you’re a baker. You think gay marriage is a sin. A gay couple comes in and asks for a cake. You tell them it’s against your community, religious and moral guidelines. Then you tell them that there are half a dozen other bakeries in the area who will gladly make the cake. But you must take your business elsewhere. A few days later, you receive a court order to bake the cake or you will be closed down.

Now imagine you’re a You Tuber. You post a right wing propaganda piece. The admins tell you that your opinion is against their community, political and moral guidelines. It has been removed. And you must take your business elsewhere. You are frustrated but have no recourse. Why? Why is one allowed to discriminate and the other not? Make your best (and most respectful) argument.

Full disclosure: I am in favor of full gay rights. So those of you looking to play gotcha. Sorry about your luck. :sleepy:

Political is not a protected class. End of thread.

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I sense a good basis for an executive order. Mr. President…can ya hear me now? :sunglasses:

That can be changed and should be.

If political status can be protected then so can gamer status (PC vs Console), or Transmission preference (manual vs auto), Brand Loyalty (BMW vs Mercedes).

Not an apples to apples comparison. The government has a vested interest in people not being persecuted because of how they vote. And that applies no matter which side you vote for.

Voting is confidential. Protection of political leanings doesn’t affect how a person votes. It only protects what a person says they feel. So yes it is an apples to an apples comparison

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You just identified the problem with “protected classes” very well.

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No it is. Political status is not the same as race, ethnicity or disability. I am not born with political status, nor is it physically altering.

Race is the same as Gamer status or political preference?

What’s the key difference between them?

Are you born a Christian?

Is sexual orientation the same as either? Are any of them “classes”?

The justification for inclusion was history of persecution, not being “the same as”.

There will always be another “class” demanding to be protected.

Nope. You just made an argument to remove that protected class. I agree


Sure. Does political class have a history of persecution?

Demanding it is fine… granting it is up for debate.

Prove it please.


Granting? On what basis would you deny it?

And the courts have had to jump through hoop after hoop to keep protection going.

The test for religious protection is pretty insane

Common sense

We have a full list of current protected classes… we can see how political class stacks up

Go ahead

That list will never be full.

When you chose sides yes.

In another thread you said you would support special rights and other opportunities/privileges for just black Americans.

And who decides?