Gay man refused service at store


Careful. The employee might claim that serving that customer violated his religious beliefs and then you’d have a much bigger problem on your hands.


Republicans are such snowflakes.


So you would have no problem with an employee just standing around listening to a customer.


Please dispose in a biohazard-safe container. Little kids find them and think they are balloons.


You have no idea what a phylactery is.


Oh. Had to look it up.
Sorry. My mistake.


At the end of the day,
I hate cliché’s.


Russian trolls and American conservatives, a match made in heaven.


A couple of posters here were all over this hashtag.


That’s one of them thar fenchie words , ain’t it.


It is! And I use it only after I have heard the same stupid insult used a thousand times. It’s like calling people “racist”, “fascist” or libtard. It’s used so much people just cringe when they hear it. The words mean nothing anymore. Serious eyeroll stuff. :roll_eyes:


The guy was apparently being difficult in trying to preach to the employee, who was having none of it. It wasn’t out of line to hand the guy off to someone else. If you’ve ever done customer service, you’d know the employee did what they should have done with a difficult customer.


So, a guy who was provided service was denied service.

Funny how that works.