Gay man refused service at store


Watchig conservatives fairly vibrate with excitement at the prospect of having a gay dude they can cast as a conservative victim of liberals, I can’t even blame this dude for selling out.


This is about a guy trying to cash in on the current political climate. Nothing more, nothing less.



Your emotional reaction to me is very low on my list of priorities - and I will continue to mock you as long as you continue your hysterical emotional appeals.


Eat your peas lib.


thread over…


Still wonder why neither one of these articles the author didn’t attempt to verify the facts with the store or the employee?

According to the article, this man didn’t even want the store identified. So here we have a story told entirely from one side against an unnamed store and an unnamed employee, without any fact checking done.

Now I’m not saying that it didn’t happen, but the number of times I’ve seen the phrase fake news and unnamed elements not being reliable I can’t even count. Until the details from the other side are given an opportunity to rebut this, it’s nothing more than a sensationalist quip designed to do exactly what it did, which was to gain this guy more popularity and stoke emotion.


I’m guessing from his description that the store is likely B & H.


The employee appears to not have wanted to hear about #walkaway.


Ironically it seems everyone is up in arms about that dude doing his own walk away.


It appears Mr. Straka was referred to another employee & managed to purchase a microphone.

What exactly is the problem here? He made his purchase & left. He wasn’t thrown out of the store.


And of course you get to define what is extreme. If you don’t like us, you can always go to a liberal sponsored web site. You won’t need to worry about us pesky conservatives. We are banned on nearly all of those.


Jeez, stop being a snowflake, it was just an observation.


Only of you stop giving advice. Fair enough?


Find your souls yet?


That’s what I’m getting as well.

But who knows.


Wow…talk about being obtuse.


Mine’s in a phylactery.


Giving advice to you? Deal.


Probably if the black customer is trying to sell you on BLM you can. If you refer him to another salesman, it’s probably not a problem.

I’m familiar due to the story teller being acquainted with me with a man who tried to sell a poor clerk at Sears on you need to say Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays as this is a Catholic majority state. Dumb clerk let this guy hold up his line, which had quite a few customers in it, rather than calling Security to throw him out of the store.

That, as in any example of denying service based on any solicitation that’s unwanted, wouldn’t be religious discrimination, but throwing out a pushy, unruly customer.


I should have clarified that he has the right of stupidity and as I said he would have to take that stupidity up with his employer. If I was his employer I would fire him.