GAVIN’S GOALS: Newsom Releases His List of ‘BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS’ for All Americans

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Former Mayor of San Francisco and Democratic candidate for Governor of California Gavin Newsom published his official list of “basic human rights” this week, saying all Americans deserve an “affordable” home and “healthcare.”

Newsom posted his manifesto on social media, saying everyone in the United States should have access to clean water, food, healthcare, education, and housing.

Newsom’s list comes months before Democrats make their push to retake Congress this November, with liberal candidates calling for more federal programs; including expanded healthcare, housing, and free college.

Sounds like a reasonable List.
Clean air - Keep your car tuned up / maintain furnace & garden equipment
Clean water - Don’t pollute!
Food for your family - Keep a steady job & work hard!
Healthcare - Drop unaffordable Obamacare, and pick a policy you can afford!
Education - Industrial Arts Program for a Trade / Loan for College Degree!
Affordable/safe home - Work hard & save for down payment!