Gavin Newsome - White Privilege Poster Boy

I have always maintained that you lead by example. And it sometimes amazes me how some of these politicians do things and do not consider the optics. This might have been a dumb move. However as the article points out there are a number of public schools in the same area that are going back to in-person teaching. Certainly The Blaze will make a big deal about it. Perhaps the public, not so much.

Way to ignore the part where he ordered public schools to shut down while sending his kids to private school. You should apply as a writer for Rachel Maddow or something.


What I read was that he told all of the school districts that they must meet California Department Of Public Health standards. And that the schools in his area did. So according to the article I’m not missing anything. Am I?

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Some public schools are re-opening too, albeit in affluent areas.

Schools are complaining that re-opening guidelines are not specific enough and causing confusion.

Yup. Lack of leadership. The CDC has been politized.

And you wonder why I call em lib elitist snobs.

Imho Politicians regardless of sides should be scrutinized, and people should take what they are saying with a grain of salt. They all pretty much lie to have gotten to were they are and from what I have seen almost all are hypocrites. I have seen few politicians practice what they preach and they want us to live or abide by a certain lifestyle and rules that they themselves don’t.

Good post btw,…

Yeah…Newome’s kids going to school and not all the others in Ca. is all Trump’s fault…amirite? :sunglasses:

No you are not right. Other schools are starting to open too. But you know that so I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

What I’m accomplishing is what you just agreed to. It’s not Trump’s fault, even though the poster I responded to was laying the disparity of who goes and who doesn’t go to school in California at Trump’s feet.

What you said about all other kids not going to school is false, on it’s face. That ■■■■ ain’t right.

Oh…then according to a yankee in florida, all the kids in California are going to school right along with Newsome’s. Thanks for clearing this thread up. :sunglasses:

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Now you are putting words in my mouth. Schools are slowly beginning to open. Private schools and those in more affluent areas are proving able to do it sooner. It’s just a fact.

The California Department of Public Health is the CDC? Anything to blame republicans I guess…

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Nancy Pelosi’s big fridge with ice cream in it!!!

If I was a politician, I would send my kids to public school if I advocated for it’s use. Because if even I’m not using it and I’m an advocate for it, why do we have it?


This is virtually ALL liberal politicians! There’s this saying that Socialism is for the people not for the Socialist. They live lives so far removed from most of the people who vote for them. One of the many hypocrisies of liberal politicians is how on the one hand they often bad mouth America to rial up the ignorant sheeple while on the other hand have no problem being enriched themselves by this very country.

Not liberal politicians, all politicians at the high levels. You have to send your child to the right schools to make the right connections to get the right jobs at the right ages. Its the world we live in now. GOP just hates public goods outside of the military so they have an out on their policy choices.

(D)o as you’re told.