Gavin Newsom (D) Wanted to Use F-15 Jets on Lockdown Protesters

California is a single-party Democratic state and the model that today’s Democratic Party wishes to impose on the nation. Please remind how “authoritarian” Republicans are again? How did California’s coronavirus measure work out?


If the order was ever given it would had been an illegal order but the order was never given in the forst place… I am confused by this article.

I’m not surprised at all. :man_shrugging:


Imagine the measures President Harris will take.

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Cons believe anonymous sources now? …plus there’s this.

“A spokesman for Baldwin, Lt. Col. Jonathan Shiroma, denied that the F-15C was placed on an alert status for a potential response to civil disturbances”

The L.A. Times isn’t a right wing troll site. Apparently, the leftists there also felt this was important enough to publish.

But The Times reviewed other internal Guard documents that show the jet was placed on an alert status for a possible election-week mission and that officers discussed concerns in March 2020 as well as that summer about using the F-15C for domestic purposes, including to intimidate civilians.

The article seems to argue against the original post. The title of the article, which at major newspapers is usually contrived by editors instead of the story’s writer, seems a bit alarmist considering the content. But alarm gets one to read.

Newsome and Cuomo have both proved unworthy of their respective positions and at one point I thought I wanted Cuomo to run for president, dam I was wrong on that one!

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There’s more to that article than Scratch’s quote.

Yes, I read it all. And it says people were concerned.

Protestors: “Masks are tyranny! Haircuts now!”

Gavin Newsom: [sends F-15C flying low over protestors at “window-rattling speeds, with its afterburners streaming columns of flames”]

Protesters: Aaaaahhhh!!! Let’s get outta here!!!

The End

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Newsome is an ■■■■■■■■

Which people?

Not me. Living right here in the S.F. Bay Area 50 miles from Sacramento and never heard a word about this even though I pay fairly close attention to local news. My, my, my the things I learn here.


That’s my question. The article doesn’t really say. I’m a sucker for collusion between the powers that be, but this one isn’t very persuasive.

Governor Jenner would NEVER make such an order.

Vote Caitlin!!


Hey Ray…we are neighbors…I am out 10 miles south of Silicon valley.


Question, were there Air Force Fighter jets on standby during the Trump administration for the airspace over DC?


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The real question for me is what kind of mustard did Gavin have in his fridge when all this was being discussed?

If it was Dijon then you bet he was going to deploy a jet on a people.

Yes, but there always jets on alert for the TFR around DC.