Gas prices soaring and could go even higher by spring

We never did hit 4.22 per gallon, but it is 3 years later, so there’s still a chance.


Yes indeed. $3 not $4. Americans, not Saudis

Oh and Trump, not Jbiden.

Got a long ways to go before we see Bush era prices like that again.

We’ll see

Do you think canceling the pipeline helped lower gas prices?

XL would have zero effect on the US market.


…and yet…it has.

Lol no it hasn’t

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Yeah…I know and yet for years, under the Trump Administration, the price of fuel came down and as soon as Biden cancelled the pipeline, prices went up but…there’s no correlation. None. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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All one big coinci(D)ence. :wink:


That is correct, there is no correlation between Keystone and domestic oil prices.

Keystone XL was an additional route to transport Canadian dilbit (it’s not oil) to Gulf Coast refineries where it would then be transported back to Canada for export to China. Zero effect on US oil supply or prices. Now you know something about it.

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Boy, so many Americans concerned with gas prices in China they’re still complaining about Keystone. True citizens of the world!

…in Libville but out here in reality, the price of gas is going up and Biden cancelled the pipeline…both…factual.


Went up about 80/90 cents a gallon out here since Biden Inauguration.

Thank to libs…


They wanted America Last and they meant it. :man_shrugging:


So many libs could care less about their closest neighbor and ally and could care less how much they’ve hurt them. They’d rather talk about China who…murdered millions through a virus they concocted in a lab and released it on the world.

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While enslaving those muslims libs used to love.


Two facts that are unrelated to one another…good job!

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This is conspiracy theorizing. Take two unrelated events and cram them together.

In Reality Land, OPECs production quotas are finally working down a huge global glut of supply, and the price is going up, which was their intent.

Supply and demand, basic free market concepts even Republican can get behind.

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