Gas prices soaring and could go even higher by spring

High oil prices are how America got be energy independent in the first place. When oil is pushing towards $70 every swinging **** in the oil patch is running to the bank to get a loan for a rig.

Hey don’t leave out those who worked behind the scenes so hard on election night.

Especially after they closed down for the night. :wink:



Yes. If that’s the case, why don’t they just drop the price to a dollar a barrel less than it costs us to produce?

You are superior.

To a point.

Oil prices are based on feelings.

Wouldnt more electric cars drive down the price of oil? Assuming big oil didn’t price fix and manipulate the market

Production costs aren’t evenly spread and are hard to really know in the US. Everybody lies. Operators lie about the size of their reserves, the costs of production, service companies lie about how much something will cost.

You just have to watch what they do, and when they’re laying down rigs and capping wells before they’re completed then that’s a pretty good indicator they’re losing their shirts.

Bad assumption.

What policy has Joe implement that would raise gas prices higher?

Didn’t answer my question at all.

Thats basic supply and demand… Econ 101.

More electric cars are bad for big oil. However electric cars are only like 3% of the total global market.

This is why when I am Benevolent Dictator Supreme I will enforce strict pricing and production quotas. $67.50/bbl should get it, tell the E&P companies if you can’t make money on that then it was a ■■■■ project anyway, and that stability will give consumers predictability and costs they can live with. Everybody’s happy!

Markets can’t be wrong.

It’s unknowable.

Was there a thread on this 2 years ago when gas prices were even higher than they are today?


I remember it. It was titled “economic miracle”.

What’s interesting is that all of the majors and large service companies were already starting layoffs around then, they could see the production glut that was building and knew the price of oil would crater. That was outside of Covid and then KSA and Russia flooding the market which was another shot to the chin for American oil business.

Well if that is the case, then they must have hated Trump. Gas was so low for 4 years.

Some of our members were willing to help out back then