Gas prices soaring and could go even higher by spring

Thank you for recognizing that.

It is difficult for me.

This whole thread is talking points.

It’s always talking points.

It’s frustrating.

See how dems make people poorer… Homelessness, high rents and gas prices.

So, progressive.

Does high oil prices help or hurt big oil?..

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Big American Oil loves high oil prices! Nobody got rich from a cheap tank of gas.

So, Biden handlers are is working for Big Oil?

Big Oil, Big Tech, Big Communism, etc… You name it, they own him.


And here we go again. “It’s Biden’s fault!” If Trump were sitting in the White House right now we’d be informed that it’s the free market that determines the price of gas. The president has nothing to do with it. Plus, increasing gas demand is a sign the economy is on the climb. Tell me that’s not what we’d hear.


Yeah well Biden won so expect talking points :man_shrugging:

To be fair it’s their turn…Democrats are evil narrative on overdrive :joy:

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It’s all one big coincidence. lol


Biden’s war on the poor. It’s always the poor who suffer most under democrats.

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It’s odd how the dems can’t see it. It’s like they can always be fooled…

No, it’s just a byproduct of KSA and OPEC strangling their production to drive the price up.

All I know is Americans in the oil patch are excited to be going back to work.


Oh, they see it. lol

If they can’t get their pockets lined with payroll taxes on the poor, transportation is the next best thing. :wink:

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I refer to them as regressives myself.

Yes, they are only progressing toward tyranny.

Nobody is going to believe this nonsense. All they know is that Biden shut down the pipeline and this:

Trump: Energy prices low.

Biden: Energy prices high.

So there’s that.

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How does shutting down a pipeline affect oil prices? I agree, many people are very stupid and will make that connection but it’s not how it works.

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At the moment they are regressing toward toward high gas prices and being dependent on OPEC again. Popular among dem pols for decades.

And don’t get me started on moral standards. Regressing toward ancient sodom and gomorrah in some areas.

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Hurraaaaaaayyyyyyy for high gas prices! Hurraaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy for those who voted for Joe!!

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Libs be like: