Gas prices in Haiti cause riots

Seems they are having riots in Haiti because the govt announced increased prices for gasoline and other energy. Which lets me know the main problem they have. Apparently govt controls a lot of prices and price controls lead to rationing and rationing leads to poverty which they have tons of in Haiti. Basically they are socialist which explains everything.

“Haitian civil unrest enters third day despite fuel hike reversal”

No it doesn’t.

The lesson the left can’t learn. Free markets cause prosperity…

Whatsamatter? Slow news day in Venezuela?


Free market response of the consumers in action, folks.

Then give your best explanation of their ongoing poverty…

Corruption and a stolen history.

No, just another example of socialism causing poverty. But Ven is turning into a bunch of gulags too.

“The lack of space means they are being kept locked up for years in police stations, which are not meant to hold people for more than 48 hours.”

I wish our president believed in the free market.


And earthquakes.

He does…

What year was that?

All of them.

Does he though? Tariffs are free market? Using his bully pulpit to disparage businesses he doesn’t like is free market?

His goal is freer markets around the world… Obviously…

Socialism is worse than earthquakes… See Venezuela

Freer markets through government intervention and picking favorites? That doesn’t make sense.

Then why’s he interfering in drug makers pricing with a tweet today?

Nice intermixing Rhetoric. We are talking trade with individual countries not making sure Elon Musk has infinity govt subsidy.

Tweets are not law, and Europe refuses to pay for research on new drugs.