GARDEN STATE SHOWDOWN: New Jersey Senate Race Now Neck-and-Neck | Sean Hannity

Sen. Bob Menendez’ race in ‘deep blue’ New Jersey is now neck-and-neck; with new polls showing his GOP candidate catching up to the incumbent lawmaker with less than two weeks until the pivotal 2018 midterm elections.

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I’m glad to hear that Menendez’ locked up, safe, sure reelection is in doubt. But Garden Staters are reluctant to vote for anyone with an R behind his or her name…except for that big fat Repulsican they elected governor a few years back. I would SO love to wake up Wednesday the 7th to hear that they had elected Trisha Flanagan of the New Day New Jersey party. Couple that with a miracle win by ex-Rebooblican, current Liebertarian Gary Johnson,in New Mexico, we could have two non-R’s sitting on the right side of the aisle, to offset the two ‘Independents’, Crazy Bernie and Angry Angus who sit and vote from the far left. For more insights, see my recent articles about the Senate races at