GARDEN STATE REVOLT? Menendez Facing FIERCE Fight from GOP in Liberal New Jersey

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Embattled New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is facing an unexpected fight from his Republican challenger in the Deep Blue Garden State; raising serious questions surrounding the potential ‘Blue Wave’ predicted for this November.

According to Fox News, Menendez is in serious trouble against GOP candidate Bob Hugin; who is spending millions to highlight the Senator’s troubled past and ethics issues.

“Menendez went on trial in federal court last year, accused of illegally accepting gifts from a wealthy donor. A mistrial was declared after the jury failed to reach a verdict, but later, the Senate Ethics Committee ‘severely admonished’ Menendez,” writes Fox News.

“This guy is an amazing textbook picture of corruption,” Hugin told Fox, adding Menendez has “embarrassed the state in so many different ways.”

Recent polling has Menendez with a seven-point lead. New Jersey hasn’t sent a Republican to the US Senate in 46 years.

Read the full report at Fox News.

OK I’m going to laugh if New Jersey flips. Highly unlikely but it’s gong to be funny if it does.

Because more senate seats we win now will pad 2020 election when republicans are at disadvantage.

We must hang onto the senate to stock our courts…specially SCOTUS.