Gao report rips trump COVID response

90% of the gap’s recommendations had been unimplenented as af Jan 15th

No national testing strategy
No national vaccine supply strategy
And more

How many lived did the trump administration cost
It’s no exaggeration to say they killed thousands of Americans

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When biden took office on the 20th, the Confirmed Case Fatality Rate for the U.S. on Real Clear Politics was 1.66%.

Today, two weeks later it’s 1.70%. And that’s with tens of millions getting vaccinated since then.

Trump is not the president. He implemented every recommendation put forth by Lord fauci and co. biden never had a plan and is the president, FOR NOW.

Take it up with him.


2 weeks. Lol!

Why is that funny? The fatality rate was trending down for months, heavily until December. Do you understand what it takes for the rate to adjust even .01% in either direction when you have over 25,000,000 cases??

In two weeks of “president biden” that rate has ticked up .04%.

He’s awful!!


Do you understand what happens during the Holiday season?

What holiday did we have since Jan. 20th??

There have been nearly 320,000,000 covid tests done in this country. That’s enough for nearly one per American.

There are new treatments and therapeutics developed since the inception of the pandemic.

There are now more people who have received at least one dose of vaccine than there are confirmed cases.

And in two weeks of “the biden administration” the fatality rate has increased after months of decline.

He’s worthless. But don’t take my word for it. He admitted it himself.


the inauguration was less than 2 weeks ago.
covid has a 2 week or so incubation period. so anyone that has died in the last 2 weeks caught it before biden took over.

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when does it become biden’s administration?

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2 weeks ago today, is not “less than two weeks ago.”

Guess libs can finally admit how the blm riots/marches and “biden victory” celebrations were super-spreader events that killed tens of thousands of Americans.

Check the time lines and you’ll see the trends.

blm riots alone ended up infecting millions.

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dimocrats taking responsibility for something…what a larf!


Depends on whether things go well or poorly. Based on the 1st couple of weeks i would say a long, long, long time!

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ok ill check the trends.
the 7 day death rate is lower now than it was when biden took office


The virus killed thousands of Americans. You can thank China for it. China, who is gleeful to have Biden and Hunter back in the fold.

Do you think no one in any other country has died?

That’s like saying guns kill Americans. No, they guy pulling the trigger did.

As it applies to COVID?

Mid-February to March.

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why so soon?

Incubation time of the illness plus usual time to death.

people are contracting the disease now

why doesnt this administration do something?

Go ahead.

Hold their feet to the fire!

gropey joe already admitted defeat. There’s no use scrutinizing his ineptitude, hypocrisy and lack of a plan (something he never had).

He’s awful!

When my son was diagnosed with covid last week, using testing at the pediatrician’s office, there was absolutely no problem getting his sister tested at the office or my getting tested at CVS…though there were about 4 people ahead of me. (we were both negative). Of course there was not charge for the testing.
Now, I did have to wait for about an hour and a half to get my shot which I was eligible for because I am over 65. Of course there was no charge for the shot.
As soon as my sons school found out he was positive he and his sister were put on quarantine by the school as well as some in their class. Local health officials called to follow up with any tracing information.
GAO seems to believe that if it isn’t happening through the feds it isn’t happening. Or perhaps they are using New York and California as examples.

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