GANGLAND: Four Killed, 60 SHOT in ‘Gun Free’ Chicago this Weekend

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Chicago residents continued to struggle with a massive spike in gun violence this weekend, with four people murdered and over 60 injured in a series of shootings across the nation’s third largest city.

According to Fox News, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city’s top law enforcement officials huddled Monday morning to cope with a string of gangland shootings that shocked residents across multiple neighborhoods.

“During a back-to-school ‘peace picnic’ held at a playground, police said three people were shot while a fourth person was beaten up. The event was held to promote peace and community,” writes Fox News.

“It’s senseless and should have never happened,” said the event organizer. “We were doing well. Everything was going swell and then a group of guys who were not associated with us, came to the event intoxicated.”

“This may not be politically correct,” said Mayor Emanuel, "but I know the power of what faith and family can do. … Our kids need that structure. … I am asking … that we also don’t shy away from a full discussion about the importance of family and faith helping to develop and nurture character, self-respect, a value system and a moral compass that allows kids to know good from bad and right from wrong.”

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A gun free zone surrounded by conservative states with easy access to guns.

Which is a key reason why any gun debate needs to be a national one.