GANGLAND: Chicago Police Say Residents ROBBED at Gunpoint for Winter Coats

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Chicago officials are warning residents of a disturbing trend plaguing the city; saying multiple people have been robbed at gunpoint for expensive, high-quality winter coats as temperatures plunge across the region.

“Over the past two weeks, police say there’s been a spate of the thefts in which people wearing the luxury coats have been targeted and forced to give up the jackets. The coats can cost upward of $1,000 and are often seen on celebrities,” writes Fox Chicago.

“Police say two men jumped from a Mercedes, showed a gun and punched a 54-year-old man before forcibly taking his coat and wallet Wednesday. The same night, two men showed a gun to a 23-year-old man walking with a friend and demanded his Canada Goose coat,” adds the article.

Weather experts warned residents Monday that temperatures may soon break the lowest levels ever recorded; plunging to minus 27 degrees early Tuesday morning.

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