GAME OVER: Papa John’s CEO SLAMS NFL, Weighs Pulling National Sponsorship | Sean Hannity

National pizza chain Papa John’s, a major sponsor of the National Football League, announced a sharp decline in its quarterly revenue this week, saying weeks of professional athletes protesting the national anthem has seriously injured the company’s bottom line.

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Ironic that this popped up now.

About the only redeeming quality of these news bot posts is to see how poorly so many of them age.

Like this one. After this came out, it was revealed that hey, Papa Johns sales had been declining a long time before any black NFL players started kneeling to protest black people dying at the hands of police.

So Schattner takes a beating over that and his role is reduced, and then it comes out that Schattner likes to throw around a lot of n bombs and has a lot of racial animosity. Which isn’t a surprise because that is the overarching theme of people who are boycotting the NFL.

And then this takes us back full circle to the beginning.

It’s kind of nice how this new board has automated the function of Caught In The Middle and others of bumping old posts from conservatives and how they ended up, which wasn’t good.

The Hannity bot is trolling.