Gallup poll: dems opening up margin of affiliated voters

“Gallup routinely measures U.S. adults’ party identification and the political leanings of independents. In the first quarter, 30% of Americans identified as Democrats and 19% were Democratic-leaning independents, while 25% were Republican identifiers and 15% Republican-leaning independents. The vast majority of the remaining 11% were independents with no partisan leanings.“

Dems opening it back up again, it’s once again cool to be a dem.

Republicans facing trump support backlash.


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Lindsey warned them.

I’m unaffiliated with any party because all I want are honest politicians and I haven’t witnessed this phenomenon.

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so all the politicians you voted for in the past are dishonest?

How can this be for the first time since 2012, when in July of 2020 Gallup was saying that 50% of Americans favored Democrats (32% + 18%)? You know, just before the polls told us the Democrats stood to make dramatic new gains in the House…which didn’t happen?

U.S. Party Preferences Have Swung Sharply Toward Democrats (

Democrats Poised To Expand House Majority, Polling Shows (

Lol no you don’t

I have voted for Donald Duck more than any politician and although he’s a quack, he’s an honest one. :sunglasses:

This poll was taken after January 6th of this year.

Perhaps something happen on that date that soured the public on the republicans.


Democrats are doing really well at keeping up their December energy. Right now they’ve positioned themselves as the party that will bang on the table and ram things through for working-class families.

Meanwhile, Republicans spent the last 2 months blowing on social issue embers and cancel culture. Ted Cruz is going to the mat for Dr.Suess when he needs to be in the back room with Schumer to get help for Texas into the infrastructure bill.

Gee, I guess they made it all up then.

Thom Tillis isn’t an honest man?

MW…I don’t know why you chose him but he is a politician I donated to last year…which is something I’ve only done one other time in my life. In part it was because of the importance to the Senate balance and the other was that several business associates that know him…have stated he is honest.


Did you just associate Donald Trump with honesty?

:rofl: :joy:

Nope…I compared him to Hillary and he clearly won in that category. I will say though, he was much, MUCH better than I thought he’d be and earned my vote the second time around.

You vote for one of the most dishonest, habitual liars on the planet…and complain about dishonest pols?

Seems you have no problem with dishonest pols, as long as they do things you like.

Too damn funny. Even more sad.


Make up your mind. You said all politicians you voted for were dishonest. Now you say trump is honest.

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Fear of leftist thuggery if they admitted they support Trump

Supporting trump does not delineate whether or not one is a Republican.


I had to re-read this posting a few times. Nowhere does it even suggest the poster voted.