Gab losing its hosting. Free market constitutional republicans may use this thread to volunteer a new company to force host

  • London (CNN Business)Gab has been taken offline following revelations that the suspected Pittsburgh synagogue gunman used the social network to threaten Jews.

  • A statement on Gab’s website Monday said the platform would be “inaccessible for a period of time” as it switches to a new web host. It said the issue was being worked on “around the clock.”

  • is under attack,” the statement said. “We have been systematically no-platformed [and] smeared by the mainstream media for defending free expression and individual liberty for all people.”

  • Gab said on Twitter that it had been “banned” over the past 24 hours by payment processing firms PayPal and Stripe, as well as hosting service Joyent and domain register GoDaddy.**

The twitter clone has been told by its hosting company that they must leave for violating their polices on hate speech and violence. As we’ve seen previously on this forum, republicans find this to be pure censorship and a violation of gab’s rights.

So which company should be forced to host Gab?

Why not our gracious host?

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You can’t even complain about the unjustified deleting of threads on this forum. Gab was all about freedom of speech. That has no place on this forum.

There appears to be full on business opportunity for a web portal hosting right wing hate mongering. The capitalist model says this should be filled quickly.

You are so right. Then they can’t complain about being silenced.

They’ll have to build they own payment processor too

PayPal (PYPL) said it would not allow Gab to use its platform to manage donations from users.

Bitcoins…that’s so off the grid.

Yet another assault on the first amendment