G20 Summit while you were sleeping

While you were sleeping, Fat donald:

  • Repeated that Putin “totally denies” election interference
  • Demanded renegotiation of US-Japan defense treaty
  • Falsely claimed no one blames Saudi Crown Prince for Khashoggi murder despite CIA assessment
  • Threw a lifeline to Huawei

We have at the head of government a crass and ignorant man who is at the forefront of the movement to tear down the Western order of Liberal Democracy and replace it with Illiberal Democracy that tears the protections of the minority away.

A Government of the grievance, by the grievance and for the grievance.


He’s got to go.

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I bet the libs are super triggered by this. Thank you Mr. President for making America great again.

Fat donald and MBS discussing plans for a new trump hotel in SA.

Either that or he’s setting up more hits of journalists.

Trump knows to go to the guy with a proven track record.

Where is the greatness in this? Pick any one of the President’s actions and explain how it contributed to America’s standing.

Sounds violent.

I like the Huawei thing in addition to restarting China trade talks, albeit selfishly.

My portfolio will likely bounce quite nicely Monday morning.