G.M. Says New Wave of Tariffs Could Force U.S. Job Cuts

One that was working…until Trump stopped the programs that we’re helping with that.

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old timey conservatives would agree with you. For 95% of the topic discussed in this forum, those old timey conservatives side with libs.

^ Case in point. Whatever this new Trump party is, they don’t even consider traditional conservatives to be conservatives. They’ve done a masterful job of forcing real conservatives out.

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Not nearly as shallow as your chosen one.

Trade wars are so easy to win.

Isn’t that right?

They’ll push them over a cliff to show how mad they really are.

When ever theoretical policy goals get discussed conservatives here almost always disagree with libs.

But most of the threads are about practical application of policy, which is bipartisanly panned by liberals and conservatives because the president screws up nearly everything.

If President Pence becomes a reality, conservatives and liberal will go back to business as usual.

But only if people on the right go back to being complacent.

Pretty damn sure they are going to be temporary though. But like I said instead of sticking it out these cowards are again shafting the workers. Tax money well spent in keeping them around. More than likely would have been bought out or even worse another would have taken their place. But hey, at least we kept the status quo for a few more years I guess.

Cool story bro. Like I said. Clowns.

I highly doubt that. People think Trump wants to be a dictator. Pence actually wants to be one.

Hey I side with libs on a few things. They aren’t always wrong. Cons aren’t always right either.

yep. me too. marijuana legalization, for example.

But how many threads here in the past months are about that? one? Two?

What is debated OUTSIDE this forum and what positions people take OUTSIDE this forum does not influence my opinion on where people stand INSIDE the forum.

Marijuana legalization has always been a Conservative issue.

It’s those nanny-state-libs who have been fighting against legalization for decades.

funny. dense.

I’m for legalization.

I’m 100% serious. Libs want to control every facet of our lives. Conservatives want to leave everyone alone to make their own choices.

I don’t know why you would disagree with that statement.

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Unlike the tax money given to Carrier who sent the job to Mexico anyways

Then I’m wrong. If you are right that conservatives want to legalize marijuana, then I’m just a predictable con.

I’m just not so sure you are correct in this case. But I’ll accept your view for now.

True Conservatives want to legalize marijuana. Some people who call themselves Conservative, but actually are nanny-state-libs, are the one’s who are opposed.

Yeah well you’re talking about State meddling vs. Federal meddling there. Government shouldn’t be meddling at all. They are better at creating problems than solving them.